After last week’s DeVoe centric episode where Team Flash took a backseat, we return back to the heroic side of Central City and catch up with Barry, Caitlin and Harry in “Harry And The Harrisons”.

Here Team Flash seeks out the aid of Amunet Black for her organic metal meta-powers that they can use to bypass DeVoe’s technology powers and stop the enlightenment satellites. On top of this Caitlin believes that Amunet knows a way to bring back/out her Killer Frost persona after losing it to DeVoe weeks ago. Harry on the other hand is still slowly losing his intelligence and seeks the Council of Wells for help in solving his problem, but the Council of Wells kick Harry out of the group due to his lack of intelligence prompting Cisco to come up with the Council of Harrisons instead. Lastly Iris gets the brilliant idea of writing an article about DeVoe and exposing his evil ways to the rest of Central City and letting them know of the enlightenment satellites.

The episode felt refreshing, since the entire team was actually working together trying to come up with a way to overcome their issues finally and come up with a way to stop DeVoe. Amunet was actually a welcome addition to the team for the episode, in a similar way Leo Snart was weeks ago by helping one of the team members push on with their lives.

The Flash — Harry And The Harrisons

Photo Source: The CW

Some of the best scenes wasn’t in the core story of the episode but the side plot of the Council of Harrisons. I honestly could watch a whole episode of just the Harrisons trying to solve a simple problem and it would be hilarious, Tom Cavanagh is just a gem in the Arrowverse and every Wells that he plays as is unique take that is completely different from the previous Wells we know.

My only grip for this week was mostly Barry and Iris being a bit dumber written then normal. With Barry it’s him forgetting that he can phase through things, this includes being poisoned. With Iris it’s her article being published that outed DeVoe and lead people to report the villain in getting Iris excited, but at the same time this is DeVoe. He’s not going to do something so stupid and if he did, there’s always a plan — which could also include DeVoe’s shape shifting abilities too.

Outside of dumbing down two of the characters, I didn’t really have an issue with the episode. Next week’s episode seems to be DeVoe’s endgame though with the launching of the enlightenment satellites. The question is, will they launch and reduce the intelligence of everyone on earth or can Team Flash find a way to stop him, causing DeVoe to slip even more into villainy?