The time has finally come, the incredible and mind-melting series that opened our eyes to so much of the world in 2014 is back, with a second series. This one, entitled “Possible Worlds”. We again have the magnanimous and irrevocably suave presenter Neil deGrasse Tyson gracing our screens with his presence and his omniscient wisdom. An exploration of the universe, revealed by science, where we’ll be treated again to such incredible graphics:

GIF by Mia for The Game of Nerds Via Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey on FOX 

“We’re sending our first craft directly to the planets of another sun, we search the heavens for signs of intelligent life, but what would we do if we found it? Are we ready for first contact? We inhabit a cosmos of undiscovered dimensions and paradoxical realities, we live on one level of perception but there are others.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson speaking on series two.


 In a time when we somehow have groups of people that still believe the earth is FLAT in 2019, series like this are immeasurably significant and needed. Exploring and explaining in detail the exact position of where we are in the Cosmos and going on adventures around different planets and galaxies is a way to spark the interest of children in Science and in Physics. If this first season of this series had been available when I was a teenager and deciding which subject to study in High School, my interest and work ethic would have been drastically different!

“The heart of our show is this nucleus of hope. Cosmos takes you to the thrilling future we can still have.”


An unsavory subject, but one requiring a mention, the series had initially planned on being released in early March (Monday March 4th to be exact), but it was postponed in order to allow an investigation into claims that Neil deGrasse Tyson had made inappropriate advances and reported sexual misconduct allegations against him. Fox and Nat Geo agreed to halt the release of the series to wait for the results of the investigation to become clear, so far it appears as if a ruling will see Neil on the right side of these allegations.

As of March 18th, there is still not a definitive date set for the release of episodes but there is much to look forward to, “Possible Worlds” leaves no shortages of potential explorations within the series, we’ll be waiting!