Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Happy birthday Mateo!

Our favorite artificially inseminated Solano (sorry Elsa and Anna, I just don’t know you that well) turned one! And with his birthday came memories of the way Jane and Rafael once were. (#TEAMRAF) Of course, Rafael’s still in love with Jane, but as far as we know, Jane is completely over him. In the promo for next week, she is crying at the altar with Michael, but I don’t know if those are happy tears or I-still-have-feelings-for-Rafael tears. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

The wedding has now been moved up a day because Rogelio will be participating in a writer’s strike with the Tiago writers. WHAT?! Yeah, I know. It’s crazy. In an effort to secure Jane’s wedding day, Rogelio agreed to perform writer duties for a week. Those writers put up with A LOT. And they don’t get paid enough for it! The sexiest telenovela star of the year two years running has become an advocate for his crew, much to his daughter’s delight. I’m so happy he’s standing up for his team.

Back to Rafael, he was trying to come up with a solution out of this blackmail with Derek. Jane wanted Rafael to go to the police, but Petra had another idea to record him admitting to the blackmail. Sadly, the plans fell through and Derek caught on. Now, Derek owns the Fairwick and has Mutter chained up in a hole in the lobby (Michael and Susanna found her!). Now he’s off on a private jet–seemingly scott-free. Will he be next season’s villain? Or will Michael catch him next week?

Derek’s not the only villain we need to watch out for. Anezka is now capable of BEING Petra, put a wig on her and you can’t tell the difference. So we’re never actually sure when we’re seeing Petra or when we’re seeing Anezka. And to make matters worse, this is–of course–a dirty scheme she’s cooked up with Magda. It’s very possible that she could also be next season’s villain.

But I guess we won’t know for sure until we watch.

So what do you think guys? Are Jane and Michael REALLY going to tie the knot? How will this show be different once Jane is married (and no longer a virgin??)