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The Last Man on Earth 4×18: “Cancun Baby!” Review

When Tandy and Mike return home, everyone is ready to move. They fill the brothers in on the corpses and weapons they found inside the house. Tandy and Mike show that they brought back goats, but the goats immediately run away.

goats run away
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They hold a funeral for the house, ending with Tandy exploding part of the house. Gail pressured them to choose Cancun as their next location, and the group hits the road. Todd doesn’t feel right leaving Jasper behind, but there’s not much they can do about that. Melissa left Jasper a self-driving car with coordinates to Cancun, if he wants to join them. Mike leaves his truck behind, and they attach a train car to a semi truck.

house funeral
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After Todd and Melissa kiss, Tandy asks them if they could cool it on the PDA for Mike’s sake. He says that he and Carol will be shaking hands any time they want to kiss.

Erica is horrified to find out that the gang only brought mango chutney and a pie shell with them. Carol says that everything else they had was expired. When they arrive at the place Tandy had found the goats at, the goats are all gone. Still there, however, are the avocado and orange trees.

no goats
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Tandy and Mike walk together in search of the goats. Once alone, Mike tells Tandy that it’s okay for he and Carol to kiss in front of him. While walking, they find a house that reminds them of their grandmother’s house. Tandy seems to feel a special connection to it.

the house
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Mike and Tandy return goat-less, but Tandy suggests they wait here a couple of days to see if the goats return. They aren’t completely on board, but Tandy reminds them of how important these goats could be as their food source (milk, cheese, etc).

In the middle of the night, Tandy takes Clancy on a walk. They head over to the house he had found earlier, and he walks around, looking at pictures, and the growth marks on the wall. While he’s there, Clancy’s battery dies. Tandy digs a hole to bury the already dead dog, but then a real living dog comes up and barks at Clancy. Tandy tries to get the dog to stay, but it runs off.

real dog
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In the morning, Tandy walks back to the group to see that the goats have returned! Tandy is disappointed that this means they’ll be leaving for Cancun. Tandy starts driving away, looking longingly at the house as he passes it. Mike hears barking and points it out to his brother. Tandy stops and gets out of the truck. He runs back to where he was going to bury Clancy, and starts digging. The group catches up with him and Gail asks if he’s digging a grave for his fake dog. He says it’s for himself. He wants to stay and live here. He points out the fresh food, water, fertile soil, etc that makes this a smart choice to live, whereas Cancun will likely be beaches covered in dead bodies and stores with expired cans of food. He puts up a solid argument, and everyone agrees to stay.

goat return
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Tandy speaks to his brother in private and gives him the key to the truck. He says that he knows Mike won’t be happy until he sees what’s out there. As a goodbye gift, Tandy cuts off his rat tail and tapes it to the back of Mike’s neck so Mike won’t feel so alone while he’s gone.

tail transfer
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The whole group is excited to put their roots down, but when they leave the train, they see that they are surrounded on all sides by possibly hundreds of people in gas masks. In the classic words of Tandy, “Oh, farts.” 

Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

That’s a wrap, you guys. On season four, but also on the series. This week, FOX announced its cancellations, and unfortunately LMOE was one of the shows let go. Obviously it would be great if LMOE were saved by another platform, but I won’t be holding my breath. Thank you for joining me on these recaps, and choose The Game of Nerds for all of your recap, news, and nerdy needs!

Image Source: The Last Man on Earth

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