Hello Gothamites! We start this episode with Jerome’s followers who say their goodbyes at his grave. A woman wearing a harlequin custom shows up and disrupts the party with a message from no other than Jerome. As a start, he tells his followers to dig him up.

Lee is in the interrogation room at the GCPD. Harvey suggests to Gordon to let her go, but Gordon can’t. When Gordon talks to Lee it becomes clear that she doesn’t want to give up Nygma, she says that all she did was to help the people of The Narrows. The way she does it now, allows her to do it without the straight jacket of the law holding her back. She suggests that letting her go might help Gordon to let himself go too. Harvey interrupts the interrogation because Gordon has received a package from Jerome. The package contains a videotape with the will and testament of Jerome. He wants Gordon to throw him a wake at the GCPD. Just as they are done watching the tape, the guests are already arriving, including Jerome’s coffin. They use the coffin to break down the door. Gordon thinks that the wake is just a distraction from the real target. He develops a plan to lock the followers inside the GCPD while they are going after the real target. Meanwhile, the people of The Narrows want to break out Lee from the GCPD. But Nygma insists that he and his team can get her out with surgical precision.

Gotham S04E20

GOTHAM: L-R: David Mazouz and guest star Cameron Monaghan in the A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

Gordon calls Wayne Manor to let Alfred know that Bruce and Jeremiah might be in danger. Alfred tells that Bruce is visiting Jeremiah to talk about his generators and that he goes to check on them. In Jeremiah’s bunker, we see that the power generators work. Jeremiah gives a demonstration where he cuts of the power coming from the electrical network and shows that his bunker can be powered from the generator. Since Jeremiah feels like Bruce is a friend of his, he tells that Arkham Asylum has sent him Jerome’s personal belonging. Along with them is his diary in which Jerome wrote all the plans he wanted to execute. Bruce warns him to not read it too much and that Jeremiah should leave the past where it is. Then Alfred calls Bruce with the news that Jerome’s followers are causing mayhem. At first, Bruce doesn’t want to tell Jeremiah this news, but Jeremiah figures out that Bruce was lying. When Bruce does tell the truth, Jeremiah becomes paranoid and thinks that Jerome is still alive. Jeremiah tells Bruce that Jerome sprayed him with the insanity gas and that he keeps seeing images of Jerome crawling out of his grave and going after him. Bruce wants to prove to Jeremiah that those images are not real and he proposes to go to Jerome’s grave to make sure he is really dead.

When Alfred is getting ready to go to Bruce and Jeremiah, he hears a window being smashed, meaning someone is entering the house. He walks in the greenhouse, but because the door closes we only hear him fighting. Therefore, we don’t know who entered the house, with how many and if Alfred lost or won. Another scene shows us the kitchen of Wayne Manor with a trail of blood and Alfred’s gun and mobile lying next to it. At the GCPD, Jerome’s followers have provided themselves access to the building. Right off the bat, Gordon’s plan fails. There are just too many people compared with the number of cops. In the mess that happens, Lee is knocked unconscious and Gordon is cornered in the locker room only to be rescued by Bullock and Harper with teasers.

When Bruce and Jeremiah are on their way to Jerome’s grave, Bruce tries to reach Alfred, but he goes straight to voicemail. Jeremiah starts to second-guess his ability to go to the grave, but Bruce encourages him. When they arrive at the grave, it is completely empty and Jeremiah runs away thinking that his greatest fear turns into reality. Somewhere else in Gotham, in Falcone’s Manor to be precise, Butch is pissed at Penguin cause he is still not cured and they are still not back at the top while everyone else is taking advantage of Sofia’s coma. Penguin has an idea to get back on the top while Jerome’s followers keep everyone in the city busy.

Gotham S04E20

GOTHAM: Cory Michael Smith in the A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

Gordon and Bullock caught one of Jerome’s followers and are now questioning him while he is in the back of a car. Finally, after some shocks with the teaser, he tells that this is a distraction for the real plan, getting to Bruce and Jeremiah. Meanwhile, Nygma arrives at the GCPD. He sees the prison bus in which the prisoners are transported to a safe location. But when he opens the bus, no Lee is to be found. One of the prisoners tells them that they left the building through the old service door. Just seconds after Nygma is gone, Penguin and Butch arrive at the prison bus to take Jerome’s follower with them. Back at the Falcone Manor, Penguin and Butch try their best to get him to spill who he is working for.

At the cemetery, Bruce goes to look for Jeremiah. He walks into a mausoleum where Jeremiah is hiding. Bruce tries to win his trust back and get out of there. But because he is contradictory in what he says, Jeremiah has got the idea that Jerome somehow took over Bruce his body and is trying to manipulate him. With a gun pointed at him, Bruce has no other choice than to do what Jeremiah orders.

Back at the GCPD, Lee wakes up and sees the chance to sneak into the medical examinator’s office. Then Nygma enters the GCPD in disguise as a clown. He thinks he is being caught, but the guy just wants to offer him a beer out of the coffin that turns out to be a beer cooler. Nygma has the same idea as Lee and heads to the medical examinator’s office. When he enters through the door he is knocked unconscious by Lee who realises too late that it is him.

Gotham S04E20

GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie in the A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

Gordon has arrived at Jeremiah’s bunker, but neither Jeremiah or Bruce are there. When Gordon is in the ‘main’ area, a monitor suddenly turns on. Jeremiah still keeps Bruce at gunpoint and they go back to Jerome’s grave. But to their surprise, Jerome’s body is suddenly propped up against his gravestone. At the same time, Gordon sees a prerecorded message in which Jerome explains that he knew that Gordon wouldn’t fall for his distraction at the GCPD. Suddenly Gordon is held at gunpoint by the harlequin woman. At the same time, both Gordon and the harlequin woman and Bruce and Jeremiah end up fighting. In the bunker, it is Gordon who wins and after pulling the mask away finds out that it is Ecco underneath the mask. The monitor shows Jerome being chocked, then the other monitor turns on and it is Jerome again before he slowly starts to tear off his scars. At the cemetery, Bruce is winning from Jeremiah before Jerome’s followers show up and pull them apart. One of the followers starts to shout that Jerome is still victorious to which Jeremiah pulls a gun from his sleeve and shoots him in the head. He removes not only the blood of his face but also what appears to be make-up because his skin is white underneath is. At the same time, the monitors show Gordon the same thing.

So it turns out that the insanity gas never worked on Jeremiah, beside some cosmic alterations. He was also the one who send the invitations and the videos to get Jerome’s followers on board. In the video, Jeremiah explains to Gordon that the generators work even better as bombs an that he’ll be a guinea pig when the bomb in the bunker explodes. While he was watching the video, Ecco woke up and locked Gordon in the room. But he finds the button to open another door and gets out of the room before the generator explodes.

When Harper and Bullock prepare to storm in the GCPD, various generators explode throughout the city. At the cemetery, the discretion lets Bruce his focus slip so Jeremiah knocks him unconscious and dumps him in the open grave with Jerome.

Gotham S04E20

GOTHAM: L-R: Cory Michael Smith and Morena Baccarin in the ÒA Dark Knight: That Old CorpseÓ episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX

Inside the GCPD, Nygma wakes up and he shows Lee his plan. He knows that the GCPD will throw teargas in the building, so with gas masks on they will be able to escape through the old service door. When they are out of the building they share a kiss. Jeremiah goes to the Wayne enterprises research lab where they are building his generators. He lets Ecco shoot the guards before opening the doors together so they can take all generators with them.

Ahhh I am left with so many unanswered questions. What happened to Alfred for starters, where was Jerome’s body most of the episode and how insane is Jeremiah exactly. If you have the same questions, make sure to watch Gotham and keep checking TGON!