Episode synopsis:

“When Chloe takes some time off, Lucifer is forced to work with Dan on a murder case involving a dog show. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Maze have differing ideas for Chloe’s party and after a wild night, Chloe rethinks a life-changing decision.” – Fox

A murder and a pamper dog show opens the episode.

Decker and Pierce are to be married in 3 weeks, seems kind of soon to me. Ella begs her way into throwing the bachelorette party. To plan the impending nuptials Decker is taking some time off from work. Lucifer is upset with the news of the wedding, he even recruits Amenadiel to help break up Decker and Pierce. Lucy’s plan is to give Decker a personality test. That doesn’t work and to make matters worse, with her out of work Lucifer and Dan are teamed up. Hilarity ensues.

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Francis Hoffman, a prize-winning dog owner is the murder victim. The dog in question, Cornelia is missing. While investigating, Lucifer misinterprets direction from Dan, which he tends to do. To understand Decker and solve the case, Lucifer needs to “be Decker.” The new Decker and Dan question Fredrick, the grieving husband. He has no idea who would harm Francis but he does point in the direction of a potential suspect. Francis had a parking dispute recently and Fredrick’s got the plate number.

The plate has a match, Vincent Walker. After a quick wardrobe change Lucy and Dan are back at it. Lucifer has concluded that he himself needs a “Lucifer.” Dan will have to do. Dan is put to the test when Lucifer throws him in a shady bar with his badge or gun. Things surprisingly don’t go that bad, Dan even finds Walker and tries Lucifer’s “desire” trick. Lucifer soon pulls a Decker and leads a SWAT recuse for Dan who needed no rescuing.

Walker’s in custody and questioning ensues. He isn’t the murderer he is the competition, he is a fellow prize dog owner. Him and Francis weren’t arguing about parking they were arguing about puppies. Cornelia was pregnant with his dog’s puppies. Those pure breed pups are quite expensive, that’s a motive.

The canine doctor for the competition examines all the dogs, she must’ve know Cornelia was pregnant and she did but she didn’t care. Her assistant on the other hand did care and is the one who took Cornelia after finding Francis dead. She has no alibi and Lucifer is forced to arrest her even though he isn’t a cop.

Lucy’s role playing isn’t working and again he misinterprets what Dan says and he thinks he needs “a Trixie.” Cornelia becomes Lucy’s “Trixie.” It lasts an hour before Fredrick picks the dog up. Cornelia doesn’t seem to like Fredrick very much. Lucifer does some Detective work, Fredrick said he had no idea about the dog’s pregnancy even though he was the one who signed the doctor’s papers. Lucy has solved the case and Dan pulled a Lucifer and surprised Fredrick and us at his home. Like a good bad guy, Fredrick pulls a gun on Dan and then confesses. Francis loved the dog more than him, they fought about it and fell and died by accident. Lucifer just like Decker shows up in the nick of time to save Dan. Now seeing what it is like with himself always running off on Decker, he gets it.

Maze wants her and Pierce’s plan back on. Pierce wants nothing to do with it but he promises to help Maze get back to hell. Maze believes Pierce to still have the Mark, it’s a phony. She’s tricked into helping Decker plan the wedding and Ella plan the party.

Amenadiel recruits Charlotte to help him with Pierce and Decker. Charlotte’s plan is to use the party to break them up. Maze’s plan is the lamest bachelorette party ever, no booze no strippers just Ella, Dr. Linda, Charlotte and themselves. Amenadiel’s plan is to grab a beer with Pierce and welcome home to the club of immortal who are now mortal. The objective is to give Pierce 2nd thoughts about being mortal. As for Maze’s plan Charlotte throws a monkey wrench in it when she rents a party bus to spice things up.

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On the bus Decker gets weird and Maze gets anger, especially when the strippers show up. Maze starts throwing the strippers out while Charlotte plants the seeds of 2nd thoughts in Decker’s head. Hell breaks out and Ella gets the bus pulled over so everyone but Decker can talk it out outside. Ella lets it slip that Pierce was researching fake tattoos when Ella recommends it to the group as a bonding activity. Maze storms off to get Pierce and the bus leaves with just Decker. Chloe talks her fears out with the driver of the bus.

Maze confronts Pierce all ready to kill him but luckily for him Trixie is around. He gets to live today.  They are interrupted by Decker arriving home and Maze dips. He may have been spared but I’m sure he feels like he was murdered when Decker tells him the wedding is off.

A relationship ends? But a new one is born. Dan spills all of his feelings to Charlotte and she reciprocates.

At the station Lucifer is about to tell Decker what he learned until he realizes she isn’t wearing an engagement ring. Time for them to get back to work. Pierce watches the two of them jealousy.

Catch Lucifer Monday nights at 8pm on Fox, only two more episodes this season.