“Flower Child” was the episode that we’ve waited for the whole entire season where we finally got  a deeper backstory on who Gothel is, the witch coven plot progressing heavily and also the new curse on our heroes finally starting to break — and totally not in the way that you expect from previous seasons!

In the flashbacks, set a thousands years in the past, we find out that Gothel is an extremely powerful forest nymph and next in line to acquire the “Mother” title for her kind; giving her full control of all the magic in the Another Realm. On top of this, we find out that her descent into villainy was both a mix of “Mean Girls” at first and then eventually flat out “Carrie” by the end of the episode as Gothel sought out murder via magic on those who wronged her and her kindness. In the present day, where a good chunk of the episode takes place, it follows Gothel as she finally appears again after Ivy and Anastasia left weeks ago. Here, everyone knows that she leads a Witch Coven but scoffs at the idea of it being anything more then a cult — oh, how wrong are they! Gothel then begins to put her grand plan in motion that would change the fate of everyone in Hyperion Heights.

Once Upon A Time — Flower Child

Photo Source: ABC

Elsewhere, Henry slowly begins to believe that everything Lucy has been saying is true, due to finding out the blood test he took weeks ago confirming that he is indeed Lucy’s father. Jacinda also slowly starts to believe that there is more to this story and seeks out proof that it’s all real on her end. Alice and Hook on the other hand, team up to find Gothel and get to the bottom of her dropping the bombshell on Alice that she is her mother, eventually they run afoul of the Coven and get in a tough spot. Sadly, Rumple and Regina do absolutely nothing this episode and never appear, while Robin has one tiny role to play in Gothel’s plan and Facilier is the most random character this week by actively helping out Lucy rid Henry of his cursed heart. I know, that last part makes no sense. But does actually show that Facilier is against Gothel and the same goes for her against him. Facilier is actually afraid of what Gothel can do and who she can bring/summon to Hyperion Heights.

While “Flower Child” was good, especially with how they were waking up characters by not breaking the curse and just leading them piece it all together on their own; it sucked that it just felt rushed with too many moving parts happening. Like they finally realized there’s only 2 more weeks left to wrap up the series. Next week seems to be an intriguing Henry episode by what the previews show of him talking to his younger self; but I’m more concerned with how Alice and Hook will manage to escape the Coven, since by episode’s end things look bleek for the father-daughter pair.