It’s no mystery that this week was the premiere of The Avengers: Infinity War part I. Therefore this weeks TGON Bakes is all about The Avengers this week!


Chocolate Cake
300 gr 70% cocoa dark chocolate
473 gr plus 2 Tbsp margarine
12 eggs
729 gr caster sugar
300 gr flour
45 gr cocoa powder
9 gr baking powder

Simple Syrup
55 gr sugar
63 gr water

200 gr milk chocolate
70 ml plus 1 teaspoon cream (35% fat)
120 gr plus 1 tablespoon margarine or butter
165 gr icing sugar
50 gr cocoa powder

Rice Crispies
200 gr rice bubbles
200 gr marshmallows

Fondant and cake decorating supplies
150 gr black fondant
20 gr white fondant
500 gr green fondant
300 gr red fondant
50 gr brown fondant for the bow and arrow
250 gr blue fondant for the shield and to cover the board
500 gr ivory fondant to cover the cake
Powdered blue food colouring
Gold and silver edible luster dust

1 large sized KitKat
1 boost bar or similar for the handle of thors hammer.
100 gr compound white chocolate

How to bake

Chocolate Cake
1. Preheat the oven to 150°C/300°F
2. Place the chocolate and margarine into a bowl.
3. Melt this in the microwave. Do this for 30 seconds, then stir etc until it is all melted.
4. Whisk the eggs and the sugar together
5. Combine the egg and chocolate mixtures
6. Sift the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together and mix into the other mixture until it is well blended.
7. Pour into three round cake tins 20cm/7.87 inches and one small bowl or large teacup (12 cm/4.72 inches at the top and 5 cm/1.97 inches at the base)
8. Bake the cakes for about 30 minutes. Stick a knife or skewer into the centre to check if it is done. If it is ready the knife or skewer will come out clean.

Simple Syrup
1. Mix the sugar with the water.
2. Heat until the sugar has just dissolved.
3. Allow to cool and add some vanilla essence.

1. Heat the cream and pour over the chocolate.
2. Leave for a minute and then stir until smooth. If you still have some unmelted chocolate microwave for 10 seconds at a time and stir.
3. Leave to cool at room temperature overnight or for an hour in the fridge.
4. Whip together the margarine and icing sugar until it is light and fluffy.
5. Add the cocoa powder and mix well to combine.
6. Finally, add the ganache and whisk until smooth.

Rice Crispies
1. Melt the marshmallows in the microwave.
2. Then stir through the rice crispies. You may want to do this in two smaller batches rather than one large bowl. Rub your hands with a little vegetable oil to allow you to handle the mixture.

Hulks Fist
1. Use rice crispies to make the shape of hulks fist.
2. Then add a cake pop stick into the middle of the fist and stand it in a tissue box or similar to hold it upright.
3. Add a strip of fondant along each finger.
4. Then add snakes of fondant for tendons down the back of the hand. 5. Cover the fist in green fondant.
6. Draw in the details on the fist using a knife.
7. Brush with blue powdered food colour to add shading.

Iron Man’s Mask
1. Make the Iron Man mask out of rice crispies.
2. Then look at the side profile and add/build it up where needed.
3. Cover the mask with two layers of red fondant.
4. Use the flat part of a knife to make the straight line across where the eyes and mouth are and sharpen the edges around the jawline.
5. Then use your knife to indent on each side of the cheek.
6. Roll out some black, cut out the template pieces and brush with gold luster dust.
7. Place a strip of white across the eye area then add the mask.
8. Use a knife to make indents where needed.

Thors Hammer
1. To make Mjolnir, cut the KitKats to the length and stack 3 high.
2. Glue them together with some melted compound white chocolate. 3. Take the leftover white compound chocolate and add 1 teaspoon of milk to make it seize. We will use this for rocks.
4. Cut the chocolate bar to the correct length for the handle.
5. Wrap the KitKat stack in black fondant.
6. Roll a snake of black, dust with silver and wrap around the handle.
7. Add a ball of black fondant to the end of the hammer, shape and brush with silver.
8. Remove a circle of fondant from the base of the hammer.
9. Turn it upside down and add some compound white chocolate to glue the handle into place.
10. Add a thin strip of fondant around the join.

Hawk Eye’s Bow and Arrow
1. Take a thin strip of black and line it up with the template standing it on its side.
2. Then take an extra bit and roll it up at one end, trim it off and add it to the top of the bow on each side.
3. Roll a thin snake for the arrow, then use your fingers to shape a tip and add it to the end.
4. Flatten out some brown fondant and trim it to the shape shown on the template.
5. Then using a tiny bit of water join it to the black.
6. Then do the same on the other side.
7. Follow the template to add strips of brown on the other lines and then use a fine piping tip to add an indent on each of the bigger solid sections.
8. Brush the arrow in silver and the tiny bit at the front of the bow too. Leave to dry out.

Thors Cape Buttons
1. Flatten out some black fondant, cut out two circles.
2. Then use a star piping tip and push it down into the circle to give indents around the circle.
3. Brush with silver luster dust.

Captain Americas Shield
1. Cut a small circle of blue then a bigger one of red.
2. Take out a circle the size of the blue one from the centre of the red to make a ring and add it around the blue.
3. Cut out a black ring in the next size up, brush with silver luster dust. 4. Then place that over the top. Repeat with the red.
5. Cut out a star and then brush it silver and add it to the top.
6. Make a rounded mound of fondant slightly smaller than the shield and add the shield on top.
7. Leave it for a couple of days to dry out, so it can stand up.

1. Once your cakes are cooled, level them off and add some simple syrup to the top of each layer.
2. Layer the cakes with buttercream in between them, cover the whole cake with a thin layer of frosting. Place in the fridge for 1 hour.
3. With the teacup, cake trim off two sides to make it flatter and then cover in frosting.
4. Add another coat of frosting over the top of the cake to smooth it out.
5. Cover the cake in ivory coloured fondant and trim off the excess.
6. Take a strong cake board and roll out some blue fondant thinly on top. Then trim around the edge using a knife.
7. Lift up the cake and transfer it to the cake board placing it nearer to the back.
8. Roll out a snake of the ivory fondant and add it around the base of the cake to make the join look neat.
9. Cover the tea cup cake in green fondant and make indents for tendons.
10. Place the wrist gently on top of the cake toward the back and mark the outline.
11. Remove the wrist and then using black gel food colour paint ‘cracks’ on the cake.
12. Add the wrist back on top and add two cake pop sticks for support. Then push the fist down onto the wrist.
13. Roll out some thin red fondant for Thor’s cape and drape it over one side of the cake coming up to the base of the wrist.
14. Add the two buttons and then Thor’s hammer.
15. Roll a little strip of brown fondant and add it to the base of the hammer letting it drape down.
16. Position Iron Man’s mask on one side of the cake and Captain America’s shield to the other.
17. Then position hawk eyes bow and arrow on the cape.
18. Add the seized white chocolate pieces for rubble on top and around the base of the cake.

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