Source: Yokai Inn | Official Website

Yokai Inn is a life-sim in early development by ShibaPixels. Run and manage an inn for spirits, humans, and yokai alike. Find the balance between modern and traditional in this life-sim game to run the best inn possible for everyone.

You can farm, cook, craft, and fish to bring the best out of your inn. Players can also raise animals and befriend the local villagers – all that have their own updating dialog, so conversation changes and remains interesting.

Other Features Include:

  • All environments are hand-drawn, with great attention to detail.
  • Animals in the wild can be tamed and adopted to help around the inn – including mounts.
  • Players are not limited to just traveling by foot but also by swimming and climbing.
  • The ability to customize characters through hairstyles and clothes.
  • Decorating the inn with a variety of furniture options.

If you’re curious to find out more about Yokai Inn, you can find their official website here. There is also a Twitter and Discord for more frequent updates. Currently, the game is planned to be released on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. While an official trailer as such hasn’t been released yet, as the game is still in early development, you can check out the graphics trailer here:

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