After the startling events of last week’s episode, this week’s episode “Fury Rogue” was all about grief and lost.

Barry is still lamenting over the death of Ralph at the hands of DeVoe — and body swap of DeVoe’s into his late friend. Caitlin is coming to terms with losing her Killer Frost persona and ice powers at the hands of DeVoe. And lastly Harry is facing the reality of losing his cognitive abilities of being the smartest member of Team Flash due to being overcooked by dark matter via his thinking cap causing his mind to degrade rapidly. Ironically as the team deals with the fallout from the previous episode they have to make sure that the last meta, the human nuclear bomb Fallout is protected and moved into an Argus safehouse before DeVoe takes him. This naturally leads Cisco and Barry to find help from a familiar ally, Citizen Cold of Earth-X.

Leo Snart, aka Citizen Cold, is a welcome addition to Team Flash after last week’s episode. Here Leo helps the team come up with a plan to help Fallout but also do a bit of consoling to the team over Ralph’s death — similar to what he did on the Legend’s team week’s ago during Stein’s death. Here Leo was more focused on helping Barry grieve above the others and get him back in hero shape, forcing him to face his grief and ultimately guilt in leading to Ralph’s death before DeVoe does any more damage.

However, Leo wasn’t the only person from Earth-X to make the jump to Earth-1. Siren-X, the Nazi counter part to both Black Siren and Black Canary, made the jump between worlds in hot pursuit of Leo after what he and the others did to her Earth-X Nazis in the crossover weeks ago in November. This Laurel was more or less an overpowered freak of the week for the team to deal with, as she threw a physical wrench into DeVoe’s plans for capturing Fallout and instead took the said meta as her own bomb as she threaten to blow up CCPD.

There was another wrench thrown into DeVoe’s plans as well. Due to constantly swapping bodies over the course of the season, DeVoe has gradually lost his humanity. Effectively not calculating emotions of others as he goes about his Enlightenment plan. He actively shuns his wife’s love and also didn’t account for Barry to be frozen in emotional grief when he confronted the team transporting Fallout. Is this the key for stopping DeVoe for the team, emotions?

While Fury Rogue was neither the best nor worse episode of the season, it floated in the middle. Siren-X while overpowered with new abilities we haven’t seen yet on Earth 1, still wasn’t as memorable as Black Siren has been on Arrow this season. She was super one dimensional with just wanting to blow up Central City with Fallout as her nuke. The real meat of the episode was Leo confronting Barry and making him open up after closing off everyone emotionally over Ralph’s death. That was the hidden selling point of the episode, the emotional connections between the core characters. By episode’s end Barry and the rest of the team, while not all their problems are solved, found some peace moving forward and gain a new resolve in stopping DeVoe.

The next episode seems to be the one where everything comes to a head. I don’t expect everyone to make it out of that one unscathed as well. Expect some loses again. So be sure to have a tissue in hand.

Until next time speedsters.

The Flash — Fury Rogue

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