I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to see Superman in this episode. But witnessing Agent Liberty’s backstory was awesome.

Ben Lockwood seems on the surface just a Professor, looking to maintain peace in his house as his father belittles aliens, calling them “roaches”. Being a longtime owner of steel factories, Peter is incensed at the progress being made towards using Nth metal instead of steel for materials.

The combination of being incidentally injured by an alien trucking in Nth metal to the factor, and several encounters with Daxamites on television promising peace, the viewer notices Ben’s passive stance against aliens waning.

Injured Supergirl

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Meanwhile, this writer was deeply concerned for Supergirl, who was plummeting towards the Earth near Nevada. The atmosphere being encapsulated by Kryptonite creates a large problem for Kara’s health, as she’s flown in on J’onn’s back towards the DEO for treatment.

That worry didn’t wane as we are shown that Ben is growing quickly into his Agent Liberty persona. He was turned down not just from Lena Luthor, but also from James, as he implored CatCo to hear his pleas about the damages caused against everyday citizens resulting from Supergirl’s battles.

It didn’t help matters when Ben’s father was crushed inside his old factory during Supergirl’s next battle. He dares his son to go and take action, which leads Ben to work with Mercy and Otis Graves, in an effort to avenge his father against the alien threats.

What a cool touch seeing Agent Liberty’s mask uncovered in the steel factory’s rubble.

But seriously, who wouldn’t be pissed after losing their job (despite the xenophobia), having their father killed, and losing everything?

I sincerely hope Lena’s confinement suit, the yellow sun treatments, and the like keep Kara safe. I might even be wistful about Lena being there for Kara once she’s awoken. My gay heart can always hope for more moments between these two women, romantic or otherwise.


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