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Episode synopsis:

“When a prima ballerina is brutally murdered, Lucifer helps Chloe solve the case; Amenadiel begs Charlotte to help him with an important plan; Maze remains devoted to a task from which Pierce asked her to back away.”

Our episode opens with a ballerina being strangled.

Then we pick up with Pierce and Lucifer discovering that the mark is gone. It’s Chloe’s love that makes them vulnerable. Lucy doesn’t believe it just thinks god is toying with them. Doesn’t matter Lucifer is ready to kill Pierce but Pierce isn’t ready.

At the station Decker is upset like you’d expect and Ella is a sweetheart like you’d expect. Ella confronts Pierce about the dumping. Pierce didn’t want to hurt her, he is going to fix it. Now that he doesn’t have the mark he could live a normal life with Decker, grow old and die.

At the crime scene of our strangled ballerina, Pierce apologizes and tells Decker he loves her. It isn’t that easy to win her back.

Rena is the dead ballerina. She was strangled will ballet shoe ties. Lucifer continues to bash Pierce at the crime scene, Dan is on team bash Pierce. Decker tells Lucifer to back off, in doing so she scratches Lucifer and makes him bleed. Decker still loves Lucifer. Now that Lucy knows she has feelings for him he needs to make Decker see that Lucifer is better.

Pierce tells Maze the plan is off. She isn’t very happy about it. The plan was to frame Lucifer for the murder of Pierce, so she can get back to hell. Pierce says it is off but I don’t think she sees it that way.

To prove he is better Lucifer brings Decker a latte and a lemon square, her favorite. Too bad Pierce already brought her a plate of homemade lemon squares.

The ballet shoes lead to another ballerina, Rena’s understudy. She says she left her shoes in Rena’s locker most likely, it used to be her’s. She sends Decker and Lucy to America’s Next Prima Ballerina, a show that Rena was supposed to host. When the pair questions the current host, he doesn’t seem to care about Rena or anything. Lucifer gets it out of him that he is a fraud. He pretends to have a prosthetic leg. He accused Rena of blackmailing him via email with footage of him and his real leg to get the job. As soon as he accuses her she quits. The blackmailer is most likely the killer.

Lucifer wants Amenadiel’s help getting rid of Pierce. Not killing him though. Amenadiel is in and the plan is to reveal Pierce to be a two-face liar to Decker. Amenadiel recruits Charlotte for help and she accepts thinking it’ll help her get on god’s good graces.

Lucifer continues to try and one up Pierce, this time he buys her a car. When he says, “Anything Pierce can do I can do better,” she isn’t too happy, she tells him it isn’t about stuff and storms off. Maze is back at Decker’s, she wants to earn her way back into the house. Decker tells Maze all about Pierce, a totally bad idea Maze is up to no good.



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Dan and Ella tracked the email to a William Sterling, chairman of the LA West Ballet. Lucifer decided that actions were more important to Decker than stuff and beat her to Sterling’s apartment. Sterling isn’t home but some neighbor let Lucifer in. Decker and Lucifer investigate until Sterling arrives home. Rena and Sterling were having an affair, he loved her and wouldn’t have sent the email.

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Charlotte and Amenadiel stakeout Pierce. Pierce is meeting with a known fence and buying something. Pierce catches Charlotte, to cover up she makes a move on Pierce. He declines and exclaims his live for Decker.


Pierce invites Decker over for dinner to make everything up to her. Lucifer over hearing that, invites Decker over to talk right before hand. Decker at Lucifer’s realizes it wasn’t just to talk when he reveals an exquisite meal made for her. He blows it again by asking her if Pierce could do better. She gets upset and is about to leave when Dan and Ella call with the name of the killer/blackmailer.

Miguel, Rena’s ballet partner was behind it all. He didn’t want to kill her he just wanted her to be gone so he could work with Amber but Rena kept coming back. While attempted to apprehend Miguel, Decker and Lucifer are sidelined by a Sterling with a gun. Decker and Lucifer are able to talk him down and arrest the pair. Lucifer learns a valuable lesson about not telling others your feelings.

Decker stands up Pierce and Amenadiel and Charlotte break into to his home for evidence but find nothing.

Lucifer has a good cry with Linda. He wants to tell Decker how he really feels and Linda convinces him to finally do so.

Unfortunately for Lucifer, Pierce beat Lucifer to Decker’s and proposed to her. Decker said yes.

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