I can’t explain how excited I am to learn more about Pearl’s past. In a recent Spanish trailer leaked online, it’s revealed that Rose Quartz continues as a suspect in shattering Pink Diamond, even though viewers know her sword wasn’t strong enough to shatter gems.

Pearl appears saying that there’s things she can’t tell Steven, as he’s shown exploring the moon base. It’s likely here that he travels to the moon base to see Lapis, as the barn was shown in the original promo to be stranded on the moon.

Steven likely sees Pink Diamond’s mural on the wall, and continues to be frustrated about not getting the answers to the mystery that he’s wanted for so long. Towards the end of the promo, it appears that he’s able to see through Rose Quartz’s memories, likely in a dream. Specifically, during the battle against the Diamonds during the rebellion. The destroyed bodies of Peridots and Rose Quartzs appear on the battlefield.

Steven assumedly comes back with Lion to meet with the Gems, discussing his discoveries. Pearl seems relieved that he’s put two and two together, as she still is unable to reveal details of her involvement in the Gem war outright. What have the Diamonds done to render her silent when speaking of White or Pink Diamond.

Regardless, I’m excited for the new episodes in May, where we’ll be able to learn of Pearl and Rose Quartz’s past, and see the Crystal Gems defending the Earth yet again, but this time White, Blue and Yellow will be up against them.

Who will survive?

Steven Universe airs Fridays at 7:30pm on Cartoon Network. Look for the half hour special starting in May.