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I have come to expect that the episode prior to a Boreanaz-directed episode (in this case, another finale) will inevitably be a bit light on Booth scenes. To be honest, I never actually notice a difference until someone points it out to me. He just makes such an impact in the scenes in which he appears. And this week was certainly no different. The case was really exciting, and the character stories were both fun and highly emotional (in a good way). There was plenty of Booth, Brennan, and everyone else. It was just one of those engaging stand-alone cases that this show executes really well. It was also an episode filled with far more levity than next week’s finale will undoubtedly lack. I do not think the intention was  to lull us into a false sense of security, by any means. No. The teases for the finale have been quite blatantly clear about the horror that is about to befall the team. But The Jewel in the Crown gave us a brief moment to catch our breath before all hell breaks loose. And it was a good time, for sure. I still have a rare smile on my face.

The Ghost of the Jeffersonian

Strange disturbances were occurring around Hodgins at the Jeffersonian . At first, he believed it was the result of tremors in D.C. He claimed the Jeffersonian was on top of some fault lines, and that El Niño was causing this new surge in activity. But no one else around him felt anything. Daisy later suggests that Hodgins consider the possibility that he has a poltergeist on his hands. He may be the magnet through which the spirit was attempting to send a message. But what message would that even be? Hodgins jokes that it is telling him to empty his trash. “I would have thought that someone who’s convinced that alien beings built Stonehenge would be more open to the paranormal.” “Daisy, I’m open as long as it has scientific basis.” I have to say that I was somewhat dense throughout this story line. I perhaps should have guessed where it was going, but Bones did do the whole “Buddy” story in The Psychic in the Soup. So I figured anything was possible! Daisy warns Hodgins that he may have company for a while. At least until he deciphers the message being conveyed to him.

Daisy was always one to want follow directly in Dr. Brennan’s footsteps. So she remained rational and adhered to logic throughout her tenure at the Jeffersonian. The idea of her believing in any sort of spirit was a bit far-fetched in the past. But since Sweets’ passing, she has been more open to the unknown. Perhaps it began as a sort of coping mechanism for her loss, but she has truly felt Sweets with her. At some point in the episode she has another suspicion. Her theory shifts. Angela catches her taking measurements in the Ookey Room, and you have to wonder what she’s up to. By the end, Daisy explains said theory. It was Hodgins who had been causing all of the “disturbances” in the lab. We know from his conversation at the beginning of the episode that he had been working with a new physical therapist, whom he so fondly nicknamed “Nurse Ratched.” She had worked him so hard, that he found it positively exhausting. But little did he know that this woman was going to be the key reigniting the memory patterns in his muscles.

It’s science, Hodgins.

You were right.

It wasn’t a poltergeist.

It wasn’t an earthquake.

It was you.

Your muscles spasmed.

With tears in his eyes, he lets this all sink in. He had resigned himself to a life in his chair. I think he was beginning to accept it and be okay with it as well. He was alive. He had his work and the love of his beautiful family. But a first step to walking…Once again he has hope. Angela walks in, unsure as to what has gotten her husband and Daisy so emotional. “A first step to what?”

We’re talking about a first step to a first step.

M-My leg, it, uh So all this stuff’s been moving around me because it’s moving.

I can’t control it.

I-I can’t feel it, yet.

Angie, I think Nurse Ratched’s gonna help me walk again.

This was a moment infused with so many emotions. The look on Angela’s face is one of gratitude, wonder, and love. She would love her husband no matter what. They have been through the ringer with this whole ordeal. And if miracles (grounded in science) can happen, then she will be so thankful to see him work towards some kind of recovery.

I don’t know where Hodgins’ story is going to go. When initially announced, I was on board with there being no instant cure for his condition. Life is messy. It’s unfair. It’s insanely difficult. I did not want to see him miraculously begin to walk again because I felt like the story Bones was telling with this character was too important. I wanted to continue the course. But reading the words from Michael Peterson this week, we do not necessarily know where it’s all going to go from here. It sounds like they have a very unique “resolution” to it all. And that it’s going to veer in an unexpected direction. I have absolute faith that they will stay true to the science and also be fair to this character. No matter what, Hodgins will find peace and happiness. I am also quite intrigued. I can honestly say I have no idea what will happen in this man’s future. But just seeing the emotion in his eyes, it’s enough to put a smile on my face for this episode, at least.

Cat & Mouse

Aubrey was especially enthused about this particular case, as he has always wanted to play “cat & mouse.” Heist movies were among his favorite growing up, and that was part of what influenced him to become a cop. The other part can be attributed to the after-effects of his father’s crimes, as we have learned. He takes the wheel on the bulk of the FBI work for this case, both because of his passion to play “To Catch A Thief,” and because Booth has to contend with his eye issues (and David needed to prep for directing). I know we haven’t known Aubrey for very long, but I enjoyed seeing him running around trying to catch a thief. He has the passion of a child, and it’s honestly really refreshing to me. Even Booth says “you’re like a kid in a candy store with this.” I don’t feel as though he approaches his job with any sort of level of immaturity. He just has a childlike zest for life. This was especially apparent when he got to play his job a little “old-school” with this case. This fantasy all culminated in a scene where he finds himself, guns loaded, searching for a suspect in a fancy French estate. It was all very glamorous and old-Hollywood. And just a lot of fun.

Mr. Fine

When first we see Booth and Brennan, Brennan is driving the car. While this isn’t her first stint carting her partner around, it is still a bit out of the ordinary. Booth always drives. He likes to drive. He takes comfort in having that control. But we quickly learn that he is experiencing some issues with his eyes. He believed that it is just a result of having a few beers the night before. But Brennan knows it’s more than that. She asks “Mr. Fine” to read a street sign, and he is unable to make out the words. At least he got the first letter right! She implores him to see an eye doctor. We all know Booth. He will not go quietly. Brennan tells him he’s not 22 years old anymore. But that assertion hits a nerve. He wants to prove he is still a young man by having Brennan pull the car over so he can drive. “Great. Excellent idea. Let’s risk the lives of both of our children’s parents so you can feel manly, and virile, and young.” “I AM manly, virile, and young.” AND Brennan’s driving.Oh, remember when she said they had CHILDREN. Never. Over. It.

Booth’s eyesight continued to be a “sore spot” as the episode progressed. He tells Aubrey he cannot read a set of “French” documents, which are actually in English. But he finally gives in and tells Aubrey he is going to see a doctor. He also makes him promise not to tell Brennan. Did you just meet your wife, Booth? Because within 10 seconds of talking to Aubrey, she has already deduced where you have gone. “I know my husband.” Indeed you do.

As the duo is driving along later in the episode, Brennan very coyly asks how Booth’s meeting went. Booth instantly knew that she knew. And he proceeded to show her his “ridiculous” glasses. However, instead of laughing at him, Brennan is actually quite fond of the new accessory. You might even say she was turned on at the sight of her husband in his glasses. I must say, I was a fan as well. It’s no surprise, as she is definitely turned on by “intelligence.” For what could have been just a silly filler story line, it really was a lot of fun to see how into these glasses Brennan was. It doesn’t surprise me. Even with the most absurd story line, these two make it real. They make it interesting and fun and meaningful. Booth still felt ridiculous. He tries to hide his glasses from Aubrey, who does actually think he looks a little “dorky.” But Aubrey is now comfortable enough in his relationship with Booth that he feels okay teasing him. After all, Booth definitely gave him a few jabs for being in an a capella group in college. He’s just returning the favor. All in good fun.

By the end of the episode, Booth’s eye issue has cleared up on its own. He doesn’t need the glasses anymore. Brennan is quite disappointed to hear this. She was hoping that he would wear the glasses to bed…”and nothing else.” THESE. TWO. I can never get enough of them. I will NEVER get enough of them. Booth teases her by putting his glasses on crooked. She walks over, and affixes them properly to his face. But he tells her they are just going to end up like that anyway. Cue my internal (and really, external too) screaming. They bicker a bit on the way to the bedroom. Brennan tries on the glasses, and Booth has to steady her as she loses her balance. They are able to somehow produce this hybrid of bickering and flirting that drives me absolutely insane in the best way possible. Only them. Only Booth and Brennan. Only David and Emily. They are so in tune with each other. The way they look to each other and talk to each other- I’ve never seen anything like it. Can you tell I can do nothing but gush over the most seemingly conventional moments? Everyone should be used to that by now.

Additional Thoughts

  • Angela mentions Cam’s wedding to Arastoo. I am happy so long as Cam is happy. And Cam just seems extraordinarily happy. She has already proved that she doesn’t need a man in her life. And she also doesn’t need to sacrifice her work for anyone. She loves her job. She loves her life as it is (and was). But she also loves this man. And when he came back into her life, I guess all the pieces just fell into place. I have no idea whether or not we will actually see a wedding of some sort next season. But I am just glad this character has found fulfillment, love, and true happiness. So well-deserved.
  • I just want Emily to speak more French. That’s all. 🙂
  • Sebastian Roche’s “Inspector Rosseau was really a great character. What could have been a highly exaggerated cartoon-esque man, turned out to be a fully fleshed out asset to the case and to the team. While he was ultimately wrong about the killer’s identity, he provided definite value and some laughs along the way.

I am not ready for the finale. But I am SO ready for the finale. I think that is truly how most of us feel. I have my theories as to what is going to happen. But I think it will all culminate in a very shocking and unexpected way. I am sure I will have PLENTY to say after the fact. But it’s going to be a whirlwind 24 hours with both the finale and the SDCC panel! Emotions will run high. And if I survive it, I’ll see you next week!