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“Looking to expand his empire, Diaz meets with The Quadrant, a coalition of mafia families; after Oliver’s recent decision, Felicity and Curtis double their efforts to build Helix Dynamics.” – The CW

“The Dragon” was a Diaz centric episode, which was a welcome change of pace. In my opinion Arrow has been on high note lately and “The Dragon” kept the ball rolling with a different kind of episode. Oliver Queen was barely in this episode, he was maybe on screen for 5 minutes and that’s being generous. This was a different but welcome episode.

Our episode of Arrow opens with a flashback to 32 years ago. Little kid Diaz is an orphan missing his dad who gets bullied by a kid name Jesse who likes to play with fire a bit too much. Jump to present day, Diaz and Laurel are in Bludhaven meeting with the Quadrant, a criminal organization who is spread through out the country. Diaz has arranged a meeting with Eric Cartier, Jr. and Sr. Senior bailed on the meeting and Diaz and Laurel are stuck with Junior, not a great first impression in my opinion.


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In exchange for a seat at the table Diaz wants to over the Quadrant Star City. Junior is a dick and wants Diaz to earn his keep so before he is consider he must do a favor first. Bailer is one of their guys and he is in U.S. Marshall custody. If Diaz finds him he’ll get his shot.

Diaz finds the guy no problem. Junior is still a dick and now he wants Diaz to retrieve Bailer. Diaz has had enough, no more games after this he gets his meeting. Laurel and Diaz kill lots of feds and get Bailer, no problem. Upon retrieval Junior mercs Bailer and blast Diaz in the chest with a semi-automatic, luckily Diaz was wearing a vest, they don’t know that though.

Junior and Senior where just using Diaz and with him dead they’re just going to take Star City. Diaz expected all of this and isn’t faltering one bit. The Dragon makes another meeting unbeknownst to Junior, a hostile takeover so to speak. The father and son duo never actually told the rest of the Quadrant about Diaz. Now the Dragon has been unleashed, he’s mad as hell and the beats the location of the next meeting out of Junior.

Laurel thinks Diaz is trying way too hard to get in with the Quadrant and I can’t disagree with her. He explains that Jesse still haunts him to this day, he had never felt so afraid and powerless. He has since turned the fear into the Dragon. Once Diaz joins the Quadrant he’ll make sure he is nothing again.

At the meeting Diaz sends a tied up, gagged and bomb strapped Junior in to announce his arrival. After a bang, Laurel and Diaz make their entrance. Senior ain’t having none of what Diaz has to say. He did just kill his son so I feel him, he makes a bunch of threats. Too bad for Senior the rest of the Quadrant wants to hear what Diaz has to offer. Diaz finesses his way into their hearts, their interested has been piqued but too bad there’s no open seats at the table for Diaz. The Dragon pops Senior and makes an open seat.


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Diaz is almost done, now that he’s in the quadrant he just has one piece of unfinished business. Time to kill Jesse. The man of Diaz’s nightmares doesn’t even remember him but that doesn’t stop Diaz from setting him on fire and ending his life.

During the events above Felicity and Curtis have gotten back into their Helix Dynamics work. This is mainly just a distraction for Felicity now that there is no Team Arrow. Throughout their time working we get brief glimpses of newscast, huge shootout in the Glades involving the Green Arrow which ended in a giant explosion. Felicity’s in a panic, worried for Oliver’s life. Of course Ollie walks in unscathed but that doesn’t stop Felicity from feeling helpless. She has no control now that she isn’t in the cave.

I really liked this episode. “The Dragon” humanized Diaz and gave us an insight into his head. I do feel bad for the guy but he’s kind of nuts and seriously damaged and disturbed.

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