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It’s one of those support bubble-visiting weeks, so I’ve only seen as far as Thursday’s episode, but that still means I got to enjoy considerably more beach volleyball than I thought I would ever watch. It was another fairly comedic week in Erinsborough, but there’s still plenty to talk about.

Things Hot Up at The Hive

Having had a couple of Ghost-style romantic painting moments, things are getting more and more complicated and awkward between Ned and Sheila. They’ve got definite chemistry, and their connection is getting to Ned so much that he quits his job at The Hive, which makes Yashvi get immediately suspicious. Sheila makes plans to leave town, and Ned doesn’t know what to do, other than to look pained and confused all the time. This is surely all going to implode and cause the end of Ned and Yashvi’s relationship before Sheila leaves, which would just mean the end of one of many Erinsborough pairings with no chemistry at all at the moment.

Ned and Sheila get closer Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Nicolette and Jane Hulk Out

After last week’s behaviour, it seems that Nicolette and Jane are somehow genetically pre-disposed to losing their minds and turning into some sort of She-Hulk if they happen to don a sun visor. The neverending beach volleyball tournament is finally drawing to a close, and nobody is taking it as seriously as Nicolette. She has Aaron and Chloe on a strict training regime and is absolutely furious to find out they’re slacking off, so enlists Jane to put them through their paces instead. Jane is just as frenzied as Nicolette, and puts Aaron and Chloe through some sort of torturous boot camp that would seriously have had them unable to walk the next day, let alone play beach volleyball. When it comes to the tournament itself Nicolette is absolutely hilarious, screeching from the sidelines and generally being absolutely crackers. Eventually, Aaron’s had enough and fakes a back injury to get out of playing, so Nicolette steps in herself, because even her expanding-by-the-minute pregnancy bump is not going to stand in the way of her winning a made-up volleyball tournament in the sandpit of a cheesy suburban cocktail shack. She should perhaps have channelled some of this rage when Yashvi was being such a pain in the butt at Harold’s after Nicolette unveiled the big refurbishment. Basically it looks the same only it’s slightly bigger and the counter has rotated through 90 degrees, but Yashvi was acting as though Nicolette had moved the chairs on to the ceiling. I would have liked to have seen Nicolette blowing her whistle and screeching at Yashvi to shut up and mind her own business.

Kyle’s Got a Face for Volleyball

After Kyle got whacked in the nose last week, Sheila smeared some turmeric and lavender slime all over her grandson’s face, and it seems he’s had a bit of an allergic reaction to it. This was teased for a couple of episodes, with Kyle hiding his face behind magazines and washing hanging on the line, until we finally got to see the damage in a big reveal that ended up being kind of disappointing. I mean, nobody would want to walk around looking like that, but it really wasn’t so hideous that you could win a volleyball tournament by putting off your opposition with your crusty face, which is exactly what happened. I have honestly almost looked this bad from trying out a new face cream or lip balm in real life, so I feel like the make-up department could have stepped it up slightly. Nobody’s asking for The Creature From the Black Lagoon, but a few more scabs would have worked a treat.

Amy’s Back

Ugh. No, thank you. The whole point of the volleyball tournament that went on for approximately six months was for Roxy to showcase her flair for managing the Flamingo Bar, but Terese kind of does the dirty on her niece by hiring Amy on the sly, then waiting until she turns up in person to break it to Roxy. If I were Roxy I would be extremely salty that I hadn’t been told before Bar Manager Barbie showed up. As a viewer, I’m extremely salty that Amy is back. She was fun for about the first ten minutes of her initial return, but then she turned out to be an awful, needy brat and I couldn’t wait to see the back of her. She’s going to be my new source of Ramsay Street irritation, I can just tell.

Levi and Bea Demonstrate How Not to Have a Healthy Relationship

I don’t even really know where to start with this whole sorry mess. Bea is like a cat who wants to be independent and only wants affection on her terms, while Levi is like an eager-to-please puppy dog, constantly requiring reassurance – they couldn’t really be any more mis-matched. After the revelation in Bea’s podcast that she feels unable to trust men after her experience with Finn, Levi somehow thinks that the answer to this is to buy her a car and plan a road trip which she doesn’t appear to be that into. I know Levi means well, but everything he does smacks of desperation and there’s no wonder Bea finds him a bit suffocating. Maybe a more measured approach would have been to suggest planning a road trip together, and choosing a car together and, you know, having an actual conversation instead of just guessing at what the other one wants all the time. They’re honestly exhausting me.

Split up already! Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy