Season two has been a roller coaster, but I still don’t believe it topped season one. Sam’s devotion to spreading knowledge about black culture to the university’s students has led to even bigger battles with their oppressors. The AltIvyW scandal had thrown me off a couple of times because I thought that finding out who the twitter troll was would be the main goal, but the last three episodes revealed that there was something greater to find. On this episode, we saw that Sam is back in full force. After grieving the loss of her father, she decided to not back down from discovering the truth. The historic book that her father had left for her in her study so happened to be just what she needed to put together the pieces. The book had a picture with clues to the old secret society of Winchester. Lionel’s intellect on secret societies was what Sam needed to go after the “Right People”. BGSU and CORE teamed together to shatter the appearance of Rikki Carter who is also an activist that goes against everything that Sam believes in. Unlike Sam, Rikki Carter is someone who uses the media and money to get black people on her size as to why they shouldn’t be offended, hurt, and angry by the treatment of White People. Her Rival, Carson was going to be BGSU’s secret weapon to change the university, but his arrival wasn’t guaranteed to leave a spot open for Carter to kill.

It was a little crazy how many sex scenes were going on at the beginning of the episode. In this season, I noticed that everyone who wanted to be romantically involved didn’t even work out. Earlier in the season I thought that Sam would end up with Reggie and Coco would still be with Troy, but it seems like Troy isn’t the relationship. Out of both seasons, I can’t narrow down who he’s been in a relationship with the longest. Those were just predictions formed from the first five episodes, but things have changed since then. I knew after being caught in bed by herself that Sam really missed Gabe despite the disagreements the two have had, but I didn’t think that would end up sleeping together (I guess she really did miss him). I guess you can say they are a thing again, but we will have to see where the two really stand in Season 3. What really shocked me was the fire between Reggie and Joelle. I thought that the pairing of these two was a little all of sudden because in the other episodes you don’t really see much chemistry between them besides the incident when she found out her dream man was too good to be true. I think they could’ve saved the Joelle and Reggie romance for season three since there weren’t too many scenes involving them anyway. I didn’t understand why Joelle felt so guilty about wanting to be with Reggie when she knows he wants to be with Gabe. I can see why Joelle felt the way she felt about Reggie because most guys always choose Sam over her and Reggie did sleep with Sam first so she felt like she is always the last choice. I would like to see more episodes about Joelle showing her power and intellect. Much more like her character Sam gets more spotlight than Joelle. We already know who Sam is as a person and her role in the show so I that’s why I think Joelle should get some more episodes. If there was one about her featuring the romance of her and Reggie, the sex scene wouldn’t have been so confusing to me.

Those two weren’t the only ones romancing though, I found it ironic how Troy was having relations with Coco’s friend and Coco is sleeping with Troy’s best friend. I don’t know what’s up shady tactics. Maybe they are trying to get over each other, I really don’t know. I do know a real friend wouldn’t sleep with their friend’s lovers so they are bad friends. I thought that Troy would suspect something between Kurt and Coco, but it kinda flew over his head because that’s his best friend. I wonder if this flame between Coco and Kurt is real or is this something she is doing to make Troy mad, either way, I found it confusing that they ended up becoming a thing. The relationships were something that I didn’t see coming at all. It didn’t surprise me that Troy slept with Coco’s best friend because he has slept with multiple women on campus before and he won’t stop now.

My favorite part of this episode was when Sam and Lionel went to discover the hidden meeting place of the Order of X. Before going to the bell tower to see who would be awaiting, Sam made a stop to visit Rikki Carter before her appearance. While exchanging words, Carter mentioned that she was a fan of Sam, but not really. Little did she know the audience that was waiting for her so happened to be the entire black caucus who really had no interest in what she had to say. As she welcomed herself with open arms, the students welcomed her with a stare down in Silence. It was an ironic scene but made Sam look super bad-ass. I hope in the next season we will see an appearance by Carson since he couldn’t save the day this episode. However, Lionel and Sam finding the meeting place did. They were disappointed to find no one there, all of the hope was gone until someone appeared. The two came face to face with what could be the future of Winchester.

Overall I thought this episode was a little confusing as far as the relationships go. The overall goal to find the secret society was the only thing that had a steady story-line. This episode also raised a lot of questions that I hope will be answered in the next season, I hope it’s not all over the place. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Joelle being independent, Sam and Gabe’s relationship revival, and hopefully Troy will get out of his slut phase. Prior to this season, I listened to an interview on The Breakfast Club starring the cast of Dear White People to get to know them a little more. I can say that they indeed do live up to the characters they play on the show because they have the same beliefs. This show taught me that it’s not just a show, it’s real life.