A recap of every walking thing heading towards the hotel in Mexico. GIF Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Fun fact, Madison is not very smart, as we remember she put the light on in the extremely tall hotel on a very clear night. It absolutely lit up the area for all to see. Which should be a surprise to nobody, but seems to be a surprise to Madison was that the gates were full of survivors clamoring to find refuge. A large number of things bothered me about this situation, one they don’t let anyone in, two nobody tries to rush in or climb the fence to get in, or three look around to see where this fence ends, or perhaps see if it extends to the beach? I don’t recall seeing how far this fence goes, I can’t quite say I believe that Travis would easily make his way to the front, and that he would only be let in without anyone else getting inside, specially after saying they can’t take anyone in.

Travis and Madison having a boring off conversation that isn’t very important, Travis danced around the story about where Chris is, in flashbacks we learn that Travis kept trying to protect and help heal the kid that was shot as his son Chris and the two other boys wanted to kill him and move on from the farm. We don’t quite know what Chris and the boys were talking about, but we see that Chris ends up fooling his dad into thinking he has ‘snapped out of it’, enough for Travis to let his guard down so he can get control of the gun and the other boys can come in and shoot his friend.

Travis realizes that Chris is lost, and it is not worth the fight to try to get him to see the light and stop being a psycho in training. Chris and his two new friends head off to who knows what, which leads Travis to wander and ultimately finding the hotel. During all this Travis tells Madison about when he really feels he lost Chris, which makes Madison feel it’s the right time to tell Alicia that her father committed suicide……Their is no right time for that!

Towards the end of the episode we see the two people Chris was traveling with show up at the gate without Chris, what happened to him? Where did he go? This coming week is the season Finale for Season 2 which is a two hour finale! We do get to see what Ofelia is up too, and previews show we will see something in regards to Chris.