Source: Buzzfeed

  1. I may spook too easily for this show.
  2. Loving the 80’s theme here.
  3. Aw this one little dude is sweet. I bet something bad is going to happen to him.
  4. Don’t race in the dark for a comic book. Use the buddy system and go home together on well lit roads.
  5. Don’t you see that sign that says NO TRESPASSING?!
  6. Scary creature!! It sort of looks like those things from Wayward Pines.
  7. Where are his parents it’s a school night.
  8. This is literally my worst nightmare.
  10. Where did they go????
  11. sobs violently
  12. Okay who’s this piece of shit. Don’t tell me this is Will’s dad.
  13. He’s the police chief?? Oh this town’s in good hands.
  14. Oh Winona Ryder’s his mom. I think the last good thing she did was Mr. Deeds.
  15. Can you imagine not knowing where your kid is?? I’m upset.
  16. Oh Barb! I’ve heard so much about Barb.
  17. I already deeply identify with Barb.
  18. I’m already ready for this police chief to get eaten by the scary monster.
  19. Wanna know the worst thing that’s happened in Hawkins?? A SCARY MONSTER TAKING A LITTLE BOY, YA JACKASS.
  20. A missing kid should be a very big deal, Hopper, have you ever seen Broadchurch?
  21. The score of this show is on point.
  22. What the frick, guys. Why is a squid attached to that wall.
  23. Little sick child, you ain’t in a safe place.
  24. Then again, you probably weren’t in a safe place before…
  25. Oh these boys ARE nerdy. They’re friends with the teacher.
  26. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are in the same family, but they’re different! NERDS SHOULD KNOW THAT.
  27. Mother/son flashbacks? I’m emotional.
  28. Please don’t be dead, Will.
  29. I’m STILL scarred from Broadchurch.
  30. Can this lil’ kid not talk?
  31. Woah, 11. You’re a badass! Also maybe an Xmen?
  32. Happy that Hopper is finally taking shit a little more seriously.
  33. What is it with the lights??? I scurred.
  34. Oh no. Is this Nancy chick the new Julie Taylor? As in always being whiny and annoying.
  35. Mike’s little sister is me rn.
  36. Oh damn. Hopper’s daughter died? This explains his behavior at the beginning.
  37. Steve Harrington, you’re a little cocky and I’m not really sure what the point of you is. You might get eaten.
  38. OH NO. Nice diner guy, we hardly knew you!!
  39. Oh man. This is such classic “the man created a monster in the lab and now they can’t control it.”
  40. You go 11! Kill em!
  41. Boys. Your friend was just kidnapped. Dustin is right, you should go back.
  42. Africa by Toto IS a really hot song to make out to…
  43. Why do I care about Nancy and Steve though? Tell me how they relate to the central plot pls.
  44. I feel like Will’s bro has a secret…
  45. Classic. Static phone call.
  46. Okay. That phone call was terrifying. And shocking. badumchhhh
  47. Dustin is the smartest on the whole show.
  48. Boys, I can imagine that 11 would be a good ally to have.
  49. Oh there’s only 8 episodes??
  50. Proceeds to binge entire season in one night