Flash returns tonight with another new episode, “Null and Annoyed” which focuses on Barry and Ralph taking different approaches into finding the last few bus metas before DeVoe gets to them and steal their powers. However, due to different ideologies Barry and Ralph begin to clash over how to handle the situation. Elsewhere, Breacher returns and asks Cisco a favor.

The Flash "Null and Annoyed" image

Photo Source: cwtv.com

Other tidbits from the preview shows that Barry loses his grip on gravity on and off due to a meta, giving Null and Annoyed a comedic vibe. Which makes sense due to the episode being directed by Kevin Smith, who will also cameo in the episode along say Jason Mewes for a not so subliminal Jay and Silent Bob reunion!

Null and Annoyed will be the seventieth episode of the season, with only a few more episodes left until the season finale on May 22nd. Will Team Flash finally stop DeVoe or will DeVoe’s grand plan come to fruition? Time will only tell!