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Hey kids! This week’s episode of blackish disappoints yet again I mean are they even trying? They went from discuss real-life life issues to “ok here’s some crap for you, we bout to go on vacation, forget yall”. Now, I’m not saying the episode was horrible but it was just meh. The episode is entitled “Black Math”, wasn’t really sure where they were going with that but ok. The episode deals with Jr having to choose between his parent’s Alma Mater. And Jack and Diane vying for the spotlight of Miss Ruby.

Well, it turns into, once again surprise, surprise a history lesson on black colleges and black and white issues. Now, the everyday issues they deal and even the racial ones are all awesome and the show is constantly featuring injustice and equality which is so rare for a show to do. But to me, it just seems like overkill. So, Bow and Dre are wondering where Jr’s college acceptance letters are and he walks in with them. They find out he gets accepted into Howard, an HBCU and into Stanford.  At Howard, he has a full academic ride and not at Stanford. So, can you guess what happens? Let the games begin! Of course, Dre and Bow battle to get Jr to lean their way. And Dre winds up taking him a trip to Howard to visit the campus and ends up choosing Howard in the end. To me, it kinda seems like he chose the school for a girl but I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt.

Then we have the Ruby, Jack, and Diane Show. I swear sometimes it’s like watching 2 separate shows. Anywho, they are competing for grandma Ruby’s spotlight in hopes of making it into the spotlight. First Jack steals it and Ruby is all about him. She kicks Diane to the curb and focuses on Jack. Miss Ruby is recording videos and putting him online and everyone is just eating it up and Diane is getting hate comments. Her poor little self is trying to be back on top and low and behold she catchphrases. And Miss Ruby jumps ship and starts merchandising. While poor little ole Jack has lost his mojo. Pretty much the end. There was a few scenes at the office and when they went to the school but to me, it was just more filler stuff. Enjoy if you can, I had to watch it like 4 times………….