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Well, my wish finally came true! We got some substantial development with Jake and Amy’s relationship last week, and it was all thanks to a lumpy mattress. At first, all I could think of was “omg Jake what’s the big deal? Just buy a new mattress” but thanks to Captain Holt’s infinite wisdom, we all realized (Jake included) that if he bought a mattress “for Amy”, he’d be admitting that he is serious about their relationship, while Amy still hadn’t even told her mom. Luckily, by the end of the episode, the mattress was purchased and their feelings for each other were validated. For a little while, I was nervous that this was going to be one of those quickie relationships, but now I’m feeling like it may actually last…which makes me so excited. They may not be able to work cases together, but there is plenty of material for these two that can keep their relationship interesting.

Remember last week when I wished “harm” upon Gina and immediately regretted it? Well here I am, still regretting it, because once again, she saved the day. How else would Holt have realized the error in his ways if it weren’t for Gina’s brilliant cupcake trick? The funny thing about Gina, or the brilliant thing, is that you’re never really sure if she’s got a character’s back because she mocks them endlessly, but she always comes through. She’d be a good friend to have, you know? If you could handle all conversations and topics leading back to her, of course.

Honestly, more kids in this world need mentors like Rosa Diaz; she’s tough, cool, and firm—how could you NOT want to listen to her? She obviously knows everything. And clearly, I’m hardcore wishing I had her as a mentor right now. Now that I think about it, it would be a funny episode to watch each detective mentor a kid—each would have a different, hilarious style. Bless those poor souls mentored (hypothetically) by Scully and Hitchcock.

See you next week, and get ready friends, the holiday season approaches, which means more holiday themed B99!!