This is the last post before our show returns to us!  How ever shall we spend it?  Getting to know some of the female guest stars from the first season of course!

(1) Sprague Grayden is Genie Babcock 

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This lady from the “Lethal Weapon” pilot has definitely gotten around the TV show universe!  Way back when, she was the main love interest in “Jericho.” More recently, she’s been enjoying the part of Alison on “Seven Seconds.”

(2) Ellen Hollman is Angela Carson 

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Don’t recognize this pretty warrior?  You would if you went back to the third episode of “Lethal Weapon” called “Best Buds.”  As you can tell from the photo, this actor spent a long time on the TV series “Spartacus” as Saxa.  After that, she was Zypher on “Into the Bad Lands.”

(3) Karina Logue is Patrica Swindon


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This actor sure does like her drama!  Drama TV shows that is!  Back in 2015, she was Dana Klass in “The Affair,” but most recently, she’s been playing LAPD Detective Ellen Whiting on “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

(4) Elizabeth McLaughlin is Rachel

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 This gorgeous redhead spent a while working on the “Betrayal” TV series as Valerie McAllister. After that, she was in the heart-pounding series “Hand of God” as Alicia Hopkins.

(5) Megan Stevenson is Bambi Mortenstern

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After her one episode on “Lethal Weapon,” this actor stuck with TV shows.  She was A.J. Gibbs in “Review” and April Quinn in “Get Shorty.”

(6) Alyssa Diaz is Hannah

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This is a face that I should hope most people recognize.  She was Jasmine in TV show “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” and Julie in the movie “Red Dawn.”  She was the character Glory in “Army Wives,” Dariela Marzan in the short-lived series “Zoo,” and Teresa in “Ray Donovan.”

(7) Lyndon Smith is Owlsly

Parenthood - Season 5
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You might best know this gal if you dial back and look at some of her earlier work.  Back in 2013, she was Michaela in the “90210” TV series.  She was Deidre in “Public Morals” and Kelsey Richer in the spooky TV show “Extant.” She might be best known, however, as Natalie from “Parenthood.”

(8) Jessica Parker Kennedy is DJ

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I confess, this gal is my favorite on the list.  It isn’t just because of her character on “Lethal Weapon” either.  While you might know her face from a few places, I know her as the kickass Max from the pirate-laden TV series “Black Sails.” (I stand by the opinion that it ended too soon) Where do you know her face from?  Perhaps from the TV show “Valemont,” where she played Beatrice.  Or perhaps you know her as Melissa Glaser in the show “The Secret Circle.”  She was even in the same TV show as the previous person on this list, a show called “90210” as Megan Rose.  If it is more likely you know her from a movie, it might be from the Joseph Gordon-Levitt film, “50/50” as the character Jackie.

(9) Sola Bamis is Leila Jones 

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This is another face you most likely know if you’re a big TV watcher.  Sola Bamis is most known for being Shirley in “Mad Men” and Ayo in “Stitchers.”

(10) Daniella Alonso is Maria Navar 

Revolution - Season 1
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This is one of those faces that has been in SO many things, and yet I don’t recognize her until I look her up!  This girl has been in everything!  Let’s start with her being Anna Taggarro in “One Tree Hill” and then Carlotta Alonso in “Friday Night Lights.”  She was in the TV series “My Generation” as Brenda Serrano and in the cancelled-too-soon series “Revolution” as Nora Clayton.  We’re not done yet!  She was also Dr. Landry De La Cruz in “The Night Shift,” Marisol Esparza in “Being Mary Jane,” and finally, she played Catherine in “Animal Kingdom.”

And that’s all folks!  Now’s it’s back to review time!