If you’re a dog owner, you’ve definitely woken up to the sound of heavy panting in your face once or twice. While the Hammonds don’t own a dog, an undead wife/mother fits the bill! We start this episode off with Sheila anxiously awaiting her family to wake up so she could go running. Not normal running around the block of course, chasing rabbits around in the desert. Not that Sheila does ANYTHING normal these days, considering she’s undead and murders people. Bad people of course. Episode 2, here we go!

I’m Becoming a Morning Person!

So Sheila panting like a dog was…weird. I get that they were going for the animal-like hunting needs taking over thing, but panting like an excited puppy? A bit strange. She goes running through the desert to chase after a rabbit. I’ll admit, when I saw her catch the poor little fella, I was afraid he was an early breakfast. She seems to bond with him of course,  her new furry training partner.

Never Surprised

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She heads home, to tell the family about her new workout regimen. It satisfies her urge to hunt, which is arguably a very healthy solution to that issue. The family isn’t super happy about the idea, though they do have a point. Joel mentions that people may get a little suspicious seeing her running around grabbing rabbits like “a coyote in yoga pants” (Hey there’s the episode title!), to which Sheila assures him that no one will see her. What Sheila really wants is to do something exciting with her life, take her dreams head on!

coyote in yoga pants

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She decides that her and Joel should push for some new development being built as the point team for sales. The whole project was scrapped after Gary disappeared (You remember Gary, right? Victim #1) and Sheila is sure they’re the right ones for the job. Joel is acceptably worried, since their boss is angry and evil on a good day, and Sheila lacks a sense of… restraint. He wishes that he could take apart the hammer knife, which they made to kill zombies, and just live a normal life keeping his family together and his wife out of jail. Where’s the fun in that?!

Dan Who? 

There was so much flirting in this scene, it needed its own section. While Joel gets the car started, he runs into neighbor Lisa and Deputy Anne Garcia. The two of them have become even closer since season 1, practically undressing each other right in front of Joel. If he wasn’t around, I’m not entirely sure that they wouldn’t have stripped each other down right there in the street. Anne even throws some flirting Sheila’s way when she mentions seeing her going for a run that morning. WAIT WHAT?! Anne saw Sheila going running? So much for not being noticed.

Flirting Galore

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At the end of that interaction, it is revealed that Anne and Lisa are coming over for dinner on Tuesday. Bringing a cop into the house that has bunches and bunches of murder evidence? Probably not the best plan. Especially since Deputy Garcia decided to grill Joel on his recent destruction of property charges. She’s suspicious.

Giant Baby

Sheila and Joel head to visit their boss Carl, who is in one of his famous terrible moods. Joel decides to try and come back another day, but Sheila has other ideas. She launches into an incredibly aggressive pitch as to why her and Joel should be able to take on the new development project, complete with insulting her boss. Sheila drops lines that include “…like the giant baby you look like.” as Joel desperately tries to cover up. At the end of it all, Carl decides to give them a shot if they can score a high priced listing from the area. How bad could that be, right?

The Love Triangle

So Eric noticed that the site they used to find Serbian guy has an e-mail chain that links the Hammonds to the now dead creeper. The only solution, since Sheila destroyed his phone, is to travel to Serbian Guy’s apartment to delete the emails directly. Abby and Eric skip school to head there. Abby has a genuine moment of discomfort as she remembers being followed to her home, and compliments Eric on how he saved her mother with his serum. You can see her slowly starting to open up to him, and see him as more than a friend.

And then the texts start rolling in. Ramona blows up Eric’s phone, and he has to tell Abby who it is. He comes face to face with the realization that he can’t have them both, and it is clear that he is holding on tightly to the hope of Abby falling for him. She quickly reminds him that they’re breaking and entering. So he gets back to the e-mail issue and finds that… they need a fingerprint! Where to find Serbian guy’s fingerprint? The storage locker.

Thumbs like bread

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The Listing

Next we find Joel and Sheila working over their potential client, and discussing her beautiful home. They talk shop about her house, and meet the smallest member of the family, Rachel the dog. Becky, the homeowner, is CRAZY attached to her pup, and it becomes very clear that she would do anything for her. After some dialog where Sheila gets personally offended that Rachel can’t play outside, and Joel explains that being contained is probably best for Sheila…I mean Rachel, trouble arrives.

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Chris and Christa, rival agents, show up with a tiramisu! Cue the fun insults back and forth between the rival realtors. Sheila’s vomit catastrophe gets brought up, among Chris’ inability to do math, Joel’s bombing a high school football game, and Chris driving drunk. Some great dialogue about “real-a-tors” and realtors leaves everyone confused. Joel and Sheila leave to discuss how they need to take care of the enemy realtor team. Joel gets really fired up, and Sheila can’t contain herself.

Killing off the table

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We open back on them in bed. Assertive Joel gets her going, but Joel can’t keep the murder thoughts up for very long. After trying to decide on a non-murdery answer to their problems, they realize that there isn’t much else in their toolkit. They head downstairs, discussing kidnapping as a solution, and run into Abby grabbing the storage unit key. After some chit chat, dating advice, and teenage rebellion, everyone heads off on their respective missions.


Photo Source: Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Episode 2 via Netflix

Deleting E-mails and Releasing Eric

Abby and Eric head to the unit to go carve up some frozen Serbian. Abby lets Eric know that he should date Ramona. She cares about him, wants to see him happy, and doesn’t want to be that friend holding him back for some small chance that they end up together. While crushed a bit about the slight 3% chance Abby theorized, he appreciates the push for Ramona, though is a still a bit cautious. They break off some thumb, which is frozen to the nose, and head home to separate them. How DO you defrost a thumb in the microwave?

Nuked nose

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Back at Serbian HQ, they scan the thumb and get access to the PC. The emails get deleted, and all is well! Time to head back home right? Then the door jiggles. In pop two strangers, also wearing gloves so as to not leave fingerprints. The two pairs exchange some incredibly weak reasons as to why they’re around with gloves on. Teenage hand models? Janitors who don’t like changing at work? Its clear by both the awkward conversation, and their chat after Abby and Eric leave, that these two have SOMETHING to do with the bile. I’m sure we’ll be seeing them later.

Who are you

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After another quick chat, Abby drops Eric off at Rite Aid to go ask Ramona out. That’s big of her, though I’m sure that she’s going to regret sending him to be with miss finger fridge. It appears that there are quite a few more zombies out there in the world, and I’m sure we’re going to see them pop up as the show presses on.

Hail Mary to Win the Game!

Joel and Sheila went back to talk Becky into choosing them with a super heartfelt pitch involving her children and the many memories they’ve made in the house. She is mid-sentence in giving the listing to them, when the Chris/Christa team burst in and ruin it all. They go above and beyond and score Becky a chance to meet Johnny Depp, who is one of her favorite actors, and Joel decides he needs to go for the gold. He lets Rachel out the front door, blaming it on Chris, and Sheila goes sprinting to save the day.

Hail Mary

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The epic chase begins, and Sheila may have met her match. Rachel is swift, out in the world for the first time, and tiny enough to fit under bushes. There’s no stopping Sheila though, and she eventually runs down little Rachel to return her to Becky. Becky is of course, incredibly happy, and no longer trusts the Chris/Christa team. Joel and Sheila are awarded the listing, and they flaunt it while Becky heads inside. After a wonderful little touchdown dance, which almost ended in Joel spiking Rachel, it is clear the Hammonds have won.

Don't spike the dog

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They head back to Carl to give him the great news. He’s shocked, since he had no faith in them at all, but awards the development contract to them. Sheila drops another baby line, which he is NOT pleased about, and he leaves them to check out the site map. It becomes apparent right away that the site of the new development is exactly where they buried Gary! Time to go digging.

Is that gary?

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They find the site, and Joel is having some internal moral battles. He’s feeling like they’re bad people for the decisions they’re making, and starts to doubt it all. Sheila retorts that they’re fine, though a bit unorthodox, and suddenly a third voice is heard. Guess who! Its Gary! Well his head anyways. I guess since she didn’t destroy his brain, his severed head can still function. Hooray more Nathan Fillion!

Gary Speaks!

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That’s all for this week’s episode folks. We got to see some movement on the Abby and Eric front, albeit in the wrong direction. Its nice seeing her think of his happiness first though. Sheila and Joel got a nice win under their belt, before finding good ole Gary’s head still hanging about in the desert. We saw some more players in the zombie/bile game, though we have no idea who they are. And did I mention we get to see more Nathan Fillion?!

Comment below with your favorite moments from this episode, and I’ll see you next week for a recap of Episode 3!