Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

Welp. I didn’t think things on iZombie could get anymore intense…but I was (un)dead wrong. So punny.
     How, you may ask? Well, Chase Graves decided to execute Renegade/Mama Leone for her “crimes” of turning terminally ill humans into zombies. He didn’t want to at first (we’ll get into that in a bit), but he saw it as a necessary act. This led Liv into a *metaphorical* zombie rage–she sees the evil and unjust within Fillmore Graves and how it’s corrupted Major; she wants to pickup where Renegade left off. This is extremely dangerous for MANY reasons. Honestly, it’s stupid. I think she’s doing it as a tribute to Mama Leone more than anything else, but she KNOWS that both FG and Blaine are willing and able to kill anyone who’s a part of this organization. What does she think is going to happen here?? It’s a suicide mission.
     Now, let’s get into the most interesting part of the episode (for me, at least): the evolution of Chase Graves. I know what you’re thinking: what?! Let me explain: I love character development, and we’ve had none for Chase Graves, which is totally not fair for us Logan Echolls fans…amirite?! Until now, he’s been a one dimensional military man…he’s a bad guy…I guess? We honestly don’t really know for sure. Last week, though, we learned he’s actually got some good in him. He’s gotten himself into a mess and doesn’t really know how to get out of it. He didn’t want to hurt Mama Leone–he actually liked her. She even made him tear up. His board (and Major) made him realize that he had to make an example of her and her “illegal” acts. While he thought he may have been making everything better, it actually seems like he’s made everything worse. Not to mention, his kidnapping of General Mills’ daughter went horribly wrong (Major turned her into a zombie). Chase Graves is destined to fail and probably die in a horrible way…but at least we’re getting to know him a little bit better.
     Connected to Chase…and character development…Major continues to not have any (or go backwards?). He is literally a member of the bad guy team now. He kidnapped a girl with Don E! What the HELL?! Why is he such a damn idiot. He keeps messing up. Major, why do you think you’re always miserable? BECAUSE YOU MAKE BAD CHOICES. I’m done with you (for now, at least).
Onto Liv and the case of the week, she ate the brain of a hockey player who worked for Mama Leone and was murdered by Blaine. They haven’t been able to pin him to the murders yet…but they’re hoping they finally will, and they can lock that evil sucker up for good. Liv also definitely has a new love interest on the horizon, and I continue to wonder what the hell kinda love story Rob Thomas is writing. There is no equivalent to LoVe on this show (my VMars fans feel me).
     I’m still complaining. I’m engaged, though. This show is problematic AF…but I am engaged. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve just already made it this far…though?
     As usual, I value your opinions, so comment below!