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This year has been exciting for miniature war gamers. For starters we have Forgebane coming up, a new starter set featuring Necrons and the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus. We also got Necromunda and Shadespire, as well as a several releases from the Black Library. However with Adepticon 2019 around the corner it appears that Games Workshop has several other releases waiting around the corner, and WE CAN’T WAIT!! Here are a few of the releases just around the corner.

With the announcement of Forgebane, many wargamers are awaiting their chance to get their hands on Armiger Warglaive, affectionately referred to as “Baby Knights”. The current Imperial Knight kits are amazing, and incredibly flexible, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want MORE variation in big mechanical killing machines.


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Our love of mechanical fury has been answered by the announcement of the newest line of Imperial Knights known as the Knight Castellan. We are also being blessed by the Omnissiah with the release a new Imperial Knights Codex. With a more diverse and complete line of giant killing machines, Imperium forces are not capable of more efficiently building their armies to meet any and all tactical situations. The new Imperial Knight Codex is only one of three new codexes that were announced, along with the Death Watch Codex and the Harlequins Codex.


Source: www.warhammer-community.com/

Although I love miniature wargaming, and miniatures in general,  I am not  one to shy away from a good collectible card game. Back in the day I was incredibly fond of Yu-gi-oh, and the World Of Warcraft trading card games. That said, Games Workshop has announced their release of a new trading card game to take place in the Age of Sigmar Universe. Although I am not really a fan of Age of Sigmar, I am still pretty excited to give this one a try, since I actually really like the aesthetic of the Age of Sigmar Universe.


Source: www.warhammer-community.com/

Finally, the biggest reveal in my opinion, the one thing many of us have been waiting for, the one thing many of us have been asking for. Games Workshop has finally answered one of the community’s biggest demands, we are finally getting plastic Sister’s of Battle. Up until now we have only had access to metallic models which are expensive as all hell. A ten troop unit of Sisters of Battle would cost a player $80 USD, meanwhile $85 USD gets a player a ten man Space Marine squad, a Venerable Dreadnought, and and Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armor through the Space Marine start collecting box set. For $20 USD less you can even get a ten man Space Marine Reaver Squad.


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The expectation is that by finally delivering plastic kits of the Sisters of Battle, building a Sisters of Battle army will be a lot more affordable. There is also the fact that metal models suck when it comes to being painted. Compared to resin and plastic models, metal models tend to chip faster. With the amazing new releases from Games Workshop, the announcement of new plastic Sisters means that we may see revamps of old models, and new models all together. Hopefully we may even get to see the release of an exclusive Sisters of Battle codex, and Sisters of Battle start collecting boxes, neither of which have been officially announced, but has become a more likely possibility. Just know that you will be waiting for the plastic Sisters until 2019.


Source: www.games-workshop.com