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The penultimate episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend threw us all for a loop last week by bringing back Trent in a big way! Also, cat puppets!

Remember when Trent said he had a 42 point plan to win Rebecca back? And when he gave Josh that damning folder on their wedding day and walked away? Well he is back and he’s a man with a plan!

He pops out from under Rebecca’s bed (ew, how long has he been there?!) with a blackmail folder to get her to agree to date him. He’s like a darker version of Rebecca herself, while her obsessive personality never lead to obvious blackmail, she did almost order a hit on someone on the dark web…incidentally – that’s the dirt he has on her.

Wanting to save herself from the embarrassment & possible charges being filed if the news of her adventure on the dark web ever getting out, she agrees to date Trent.

Before he popped out, Rebecca was having donuts with the girlgroup4eva and talking about the break she wants to take from all men. In fact, she is thinking about getting a buttload (or fuckton for the nsfw crowd) of cats. This leads the show into one of the weirdest and most delightful musical numbers it’s ever done. Becks heads to the “cat store” and sings her song with a bunch of CAT PUPPETS!

They sing about needing a new publicist to revamp their image and about that one article in The Atlantic that said organisms in cat poop can make people crazy. Even the cats are self aware enough to know that dogs are probably better companions to lonely people but Rebecca wants a fuckton of them asap.

Luckily, she doesn’t commit to any yet because the cat sales lady & one of the cat store customers bond over their cats and close the store to hang out. That’s when Becks goes home and then the whole Trent thing happens. They play a fuckton of board games, and Trent shoots his shot a hundred times to have sex with her but she is not interested and he’s really good about consent – even though he’s a creepy stalker blackmailer. To buy herself some time to get out of this mess, Rebecca tells Trent that she wants to take him out and show him off. She takes him to Whitefeather because she’s sure Nathaniel won’t be there & Paula will.

Indeed, Paula immediately notices that something is wrong and Rebecca ropes her into doing some more sleuthing and spying to out blackmail the blackmailer. Paula really doesn’t want to get back into this dirty business because she’s focused on her law degree and doesn’t want to jeopardize her career.

Becks literally lies to her and tells her Trent is actually blackmailing both of them to get her to help. This leads to the last musical number of the episode, a reluctant action song where Rebecca is super into it and Paula looks like she’s in pain – also featuring a guitar solo.

So the dynamic duo follows Trent into a storage facility on SOUTH CAMERON and find his Rebecca stash, including tons of pictures, and one of every sock she’s ever owned. There’s also a booby love trap in there that Rebecca falls for and it explodes all over her. She marches home, covered in green goop & confronts Trent. She owns up to her choices and makes him confront his, he’s literally a stalker expecting his victim to fall for him. Trent is offended and sad, tries to blame this all on Rebecca, and ends up storming out. Are we done with him? For now maybe, but definitely not forever. See you soon Paul Welsh, you were a creepy delight!

In other news, Nathaniel is sad that Rebecca is ghosting him after he poured his heart out to her so he decides to ask Mona to move in with him. She shocks no one by asking him if he’ll finally stop sleeping with Rebecca if they move in together. Guys, of course she knew, it’s been like 8 months, it’s pretty obvious if your boyfriend is having an affair for that long. She stayed with him because she believed they could be great and she’s willing to give him another shot since he promised that it’s over. It doesn’t help that he saw Rebecca canoodling with Trent and thinks she’s moved on. Honestly it’s such shitty behaviour and Mona deserves better. In the end, he moves his desk into Darryl’s office, and tells Rebecca that they should spend time apart. SAD.

Finally, Valencia is trying to boost her business clientele and take on cool parties and get noticed by the likes of Goop. Beth however thinks they should just take whatever jobs they can get and build their reputation through being reliable. She wins out and they take on a young girls birthday party – and promise DJ Disk Joshy that he can handle the music. Valencia starts off with a strict theme and ignores the fact that the kids are hating this flapper party until Beth convinces her to embrace her small town roots and not be so stuck up – in much nicer words. She loosens up, lets Josh pick cool music, and they do The Royal, a dance that they made up in high school.

The final episode of this season airs tonight on The CW!


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