I’ve always accepted that Thadeus Venture wasn’t a particularly gifted scientist and it’s been implied that he tends to ride the coattails of other’s (his father, Venture Industries developers? the interns), and while his teleportation machine can partially attributable to Billy, it is Rusty that the OSI tries to wrangle. We will give credit where credit is due — thanks to his bizarre childhood Rusty has few creative limits or a belief in what shouldn’t be made. He has always been in the pro-science camp, and while he’s not his brother or father, he’s still competent with a love for dramatics and fantasy, which are highlighted this episode.

It’s unclear how much of Rusty’s dream manipulation was fueled by the OSI and what was manifesting just to Rusty but this is where our big sort-of-theory comes in [more like a prediction]. So the OSI gave him an artificial succ…but did they make the masked woman of his desires into Dr. Mrs. The Monarch or was that a manifestation of his desires? His attraction to her has been mentioned in the past and in our never-ending need to make everything bigger than it is we’ve looked at it two ways: a fleeting joke with good continuity, or foreshadowing that Rusty and the Monarch’s sibling rivalry may lead to a fight over new territory (Mrs. The Monarch), though we hope that it’s just for continuities sake because we love the villainous power couple too much to break up the set (though it would fit with the season’s theme of parallels to show those two fight over a girl as Hank and Dean will likely fight t over Serena this season).


The Venture Bros – Adult Swim [Screenshot by TGON]


Speaking of The Monarch, he was the other half of the story in this episode and lucked into another win. We don’t overly enjoy a villainous group team up (too many big personalities) and we loathe Copycat, one of the series’ slimier villains. That being said it was badass to hear Mark Hamill slip into his “joker voice” for Presto Changeo [he also portrayed Councilman 1 in Rusty’s illuminati dream], and Brock rained down utter carnage on both Presto and Ramburglar, the latter of which got beheaded by the teleporter they’d come to steal. Savage, gruesome, utter perfection for the show. It was nice to see Brock depicted ass in his element, and for the Monarch to luck into another win– somehow thwarting Copycar’s double-cross, but then pulling off the escape at the end with both teleporters via his own quick reactions.

Venture Bros – Adult Swim

Our only real grievance is the minimal sightings of both Hank and Dean in the last few episodes when they’re on the brink of a story we want to see more of, which is understandable in an episode that utilizes other parts of Team Venture but stands out in episodes like this.