Superstore - Season 3

Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Superstore got super meta last night by having the fictional Cloud 9 interact with the very real Target. I guess now that people fast forward through the commercials, networks and businesses have got to find new and creative ways to promote themselves.

There were 3 stories happening last night, and only Amy might have come out a winner, let’s get into it.

Jonah & Kelly

  • After agreeing to move in with her last week, Jonah is obviously having doubts about Kelly and trying to halt the apartment hunt any way he can. He finds something to hate about every place that Kelly shows him, while she suggests that he make a compromise because no place is going to be perfect. If that’s not a metaphor for their weird fast moving relationship I don’t know what is.
  • To help convince him, she starts mapping out their potential living room in the middle of the store. She works the whole thing out with tape to show him that it’s roomy but he’s still unconvinced.
  • They move in what seems like the store’s entire stock of furniture just so Jonah can say he feels cramped. Kelly, not being a dummy, catches on to his cold feet and says they can put a pin in the whole thing. But then like 4 minutes later, he’s restocking the bread with her and she’s being goofy and he realizes he likes her so he asks her to move in all over again
  • Honestly Kelly get out of there girl!
Superstore - Season 3

Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Glenn, Jeff & Garrett

  • Jeff announces to everyone that he’s now working at Target because he doesn’t want to admit to them that he’s unemployed. (reminder, he quit his job for loooove)
  • Glenn thinks that this means that they are now in a war & Garrett uses this to his advantage, claiming that Jeff tried to poach him and offered him more money.
  • Instead of just dipping into his discretionary fund and giving his employee a raise, Glenn heads on over to Target and starts to poach some of those employees.
  • They so don’t want to work at Cloud 9 – but in his quest Glenn runs into Cheyenne, who works at that Target in the other part of her time that she’s not working at Cloud 9.

Amy & Dina

  • Dina begs Amy to go on a double date with her, her boyfriend, and his friend. Amy doesn’t want to be involved until she sees a picture of the guy, and finds him hella hot.
  • Turns out though that that was an old picture of Amy’s date, who literally is old enough to be Dina’s bf’s grandpa.
  • At the restaurant, they see the guy who does the stores beverage deliveries, and Amy uses this opportunity to escape the date, leaving for a beverage emergency.
  • They start chatting and he plays along with her game, making the right facial expressions and acting like they’re not having the best time talking to each other. BUT THEY ARE AND THEY’RE SO CUTE.
  • Eventually Dina crashes the mini-date and brings Amy back to the geriatric date. BUT THEN, back at the store, Amy spots the beverage delivery guy again. He says that his boss asked him to change his route but we all know he came by so he can keep flirting with Ames and get her number.
  • We don’t get to see if this all happens, but an audience can dream
Superstore - Season 3

Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Superstore airs Thursdays on NBC