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It’s Papa Earl’s 65th birthday and that cause just a teeny bit of friction and bad memories for Dre. Who also happens to not want to celebrate his father’s birthday. But delving into his father’s past, as his son gets to know pops, brings Dre to some shocking revelations. Now, we got poor Bow, who just can’t seem to figure out if she’s coming or going. Giving into kids every whim! Not in my house and not in my mama’s house. In my house, you knew that there were certain things you just don’t ask for. But, you reap what you sow.

Jr is begging Dre to help him plan pops birthday party but Dre is against it because he’s touched the burner once before and been burned. After much reflection and a couple of Shaft wanna be flashbacks, Dre discovers that his dad is actually kinda cool. In his own mind, his dad did what he needed and his dad was there. Which, in light of everything else, he had more than most. So, he decides to tell his dad he forgives him. However, as expected papa Earl is out for self and laughs in Dre’s face. Dre got his little feelings hurt and runs to Bow. She basically tells him that forgiveness is for him and not his dad and to cherish him now and he is a black man who lived to 65 lol.

Bow tells this to Dre after she’s been hiding in the closet from the twins never-ending yes or no “can we play questions”, based on Shonda Rhimes. And I don’t know about yall but Shonda’s imagination scares me. However, she gets caught in her own game by the twins who are actually feeling the same way she does. They admit that they were asking politely with the intention of her saying no, and they realize that fun is moderation is best.

In the end, Dre learns to accept his father as he is now and meets him on his ground. Wishes him a happy birthday and gives him a present of some good Ole cash money. The family ends up throwing papa Earl a party and good times are had by all. Even Jr and Dre manage to come to an understanding. They won’t be riding with the top down sipping root beer floats, but they have both learned to love the man named Earl Johnson.