Source: Entertainment Weekly

After last week’s Game of Thrones shocker (okay was anyone really that surprised?), Entertainment Weekly has become Jon Snow/ Kit Harington central, as it always should be, because he is the ultimate bae of Westeros.

Thanks to their cover story (which remained a total secret!), we learned lots of interesting things about what’s to come for the (former?) Lord Commander.

1. His role this season is huge.

Kit Harington spent more time on set than any other Game of Thrones cast member this season. This will be his biggest season yet. (!!!!!)

2. Death has changed Jon Snow.

According to Kit, in an upcoming episode Melissandre asks him what he saw on “the other side”, he says something along the lines of “Nothing at all”. We can expect the new Jon to be haunted by that oblivion and terrified to return. He’s going to be living his life a little more fully now, we expect.

3. He may be leaving the Night’s Watch.

When a man of the Night’s Watch dies, his watch ends. Technically, Jon Snow DIED, so he wouldn’t break his oath if he wanted to leave the place where his brothers murdered him. He truly is a man of honor, so we don’t know for sure, but with his newfound since of purpose, he may be itching to do more with his life.

Also, he’s Azor Ahai for sure so he needs to get away from the bloody wall (this is speculation). Also, again, this sneaky picture of Jon in Stark armor was snapped last year…I’m guessing (hoping) he’ll be leading a charge against Ramsay Bolton.



4. He’s got a new hairdo.

This is extremely important. He will have a man bun. See the photo above.

5. We’re (most likely) going to finally find out about his parentage.

This wasn’t mentioned in the EW article, but all signs point to Bran having a vision at the Tower of Joy in “Oathbreaker”, which leads us to believe that the popular fan theory “R+L=J” will finally become canon. Which also means Jon is literally of ice and fire.

Basically, if you love Jon Snow, this season should be amazing. And we totally deserve it because this past year has been HELL.


Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds