Every good horror story needs a proper good bad guy for our hero to tossle with. A real brute of a man: low IQ but high strength, massive weapon in hand and a sadistic attitude towards killing people. It’s one of the staples, right? Anyone who has seen or encountered Mr. Jack Baker will agree that there are very few characters who encompass those things better than him.

At one point in time Jack Baker was a fine, upstanding member of the human race. A strongly devoted man to his family and community, he’s brought up predominantly by his mother along with his brother John. He enrols into the marines before settling down in an old nineteenth century house with his wife Marguerite and his two children, Lucas and Zoe. When the “great storm” hits Louisiana in 2015, Jack sets to work barricading; and boarding up the family home in an attempt to stave off the potential damage from the storm. One evening however, Lucas tells his father about a beached ship somewhere nearby to which Jack investigates with the intention of informing the local parish. Before too long he returns home with two more girls: Mia Winters and a child called Eveline. In what would be his final act of humanity we get to see from him, he and his wife agree that both girls should be looked after as best they can be.

Within weeks, Jack has accepted Eveline’s “gift” and has transformed into a mindless, mutated creature with little more to his life than adding to his family. In his possessed state, Jack is given a massive increase in his physical strength and can no longer be killed in any ‘traditional’ means. He is deranged, sadistic and utterly utterly brutal with Eveline’s infection pulsing through him, picking up the biggest and ugliest looking weapons he can find around his home in the hopes of decapitating those too slow to stay out of his reach.

With Eveline becoming more and more obsessed with expanding her ‘family’, Jack starts abducting local tourists, travellers and homeless people in the area. With his physical strength, Jack was in charge of murdering, skinning and dissecting the abducted individuals that would later become the Molded creatures that serve as the game’s main enemy. What is interesting is that even in his most volatile, corrupted points, Jack still demonstrates a lot of the same personality traits that we can imagine a more human version of himself having. He still cares for Margaritte, is fiercely protective of not only his position but his family on the whole and will still throw himself into a situation without too much thought for the wider details.

Ultimately the tale of Jack Baker leaves any Resident Evil game player with mixed emotions when his story comes to a close. A genuinely good man with a good heart and a lot of redeeming qualities, he is corrupted and deformed into one of the most chilling antagonists the franchise has ever thrown up. In one final dream sequence, we really do see the depth of the man who has been hounding us for our entire journey, apologising wholeheartedly for his actions and never once blaming the little girl for what she had done to him and his family…