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The twists and turns have been many this season of HTGAWM; with murder, mayhem and an over abundance of hormones, Annalise and the Keating 4 always make for interesting tv.

The surprises come quickly and the justice with a vengeance in the season finale. Bonnie is eliminated fairly quickly as the dead body seen in the penultimate episode; the deceased is actually D.A. Denver and his death is cause for modest optimism amongst the group. Nate is dispatched to look over Denver’s OPPO on the crew and hits the jackpot with not only the files but Jorge Castillo’s Antares hard drive.

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With that huge weight off of their back, Annalise sets her sights on getting baby Christopher back for Laurel. Giving up the hard drive, she lays into Jorge, letting him know that he’ll never be a part of Laurel or his grandson’s life. It’s a risky move-giving up the drive-until we see Annalise’s coup de grâce: getting Teegan to flip on her prestige client, Castillo. It’s a satisfying end seeing Jorge carted off by the Feds and wearing a putrid shade of jailhouse orange.

Personal note: Bonnie allowing Laurel and Christopher to live with her (with a full nursery set up!) is…something else.

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As for the other members of the group, did anyone find it surprising that Connor flunked out of law school instead of “taking a leave of absence” like he claimed? And Michaela and Asher have taken their bad romance shenanigans to new levels of annoyance now that he knows she cheated. I feel for the guy but to be frank, he needs to stop being petulant, cut ties and walk into the sunset.

And Michaela, Michaela, Michaela. The girl who would be Annalise. The point of Annalise being in the Keating 4’s lives is a telltale of what NOT to do in your legal career. Reneging on Simon’s deal and calling immigration to deport him was a new level of petty awfulness for a girl who couldn’t hold a candle to the brilliance of Annalise Keating.

As for Laurel: where’d the scratches come from, hmm? And where is your maman?

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But the dooziest dooze of them all belonged indirectly to Frank. Frank who nailed his LSATs and was enrolling in law school…until he sees a familiar face. A young Black man, early 20s, undeniable swagger. Frank immediately calls someone and says “Her son. He’s here,” while simultaneously the files (of which Nate said he tossed all of them) of Bonnie and Annalise (?) show ‘Child alive?’

Whose kid is it? Did Laurel actually kill her mom? Was Frank in on the conspiracy the entire time? Guess we’ll all discover the truth next season.

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