Bonnie has filed the case for Nate after Frank successfully scared Tegan off of it. And Annalise is afraid that Bonnie will find out the truth and fall apart. But they do not care, especially Nate, because he was the one who killed Ron. But things quickly go sour once the courts determine that Bonnie has a conflict of interest. But no worries, Tegan quickly steps in and takes over the case once she learns that her ex-wife Cora is safe. Annalise knows that attacking the governor will end badly for everyone.

Meanwhile, Michaela might be regretting her decision to break things off with Gabriel after he seems to have moved on with another one of their classmates. They are working on a project for school because they are all finally about to graduate. There is also the 64k from C&G that was never claimed last year after Laurel disappeared. Annalise is also reluctantly dating Robert, who is handsome and can handle Annalise to an extent. But either way, it seems she is trying to live her life. But the Asher, Michaela, and Gabriel love triangle are at an end. She is jealous of Peyton and regrets her decision a little bit.

The governor is finally on the stand. Now, she has weaseled her way out of every situation and I am not sure why they think that this time will be different. She explains away suspicious activity and places the blame on unsuspecting parties. And the governor shuts that argument down quite effectively. Tegan knows that they are losing their case and they suggest using Miller as a scapegoat. Bonnie doesn’t like the sound of that, but what choice do they have at the moment to pin down the ruthless governor.

Bonnie, no longer our lawyer, is now the star witness. She clearly thinks that what she is doing the right thing. She is trying to get immunity for Gladden. Gladden was one of the security guards assigned to Nate Sr when he was killed. Their plan works and things go the way that they want. Or so they think. After court, Bonnie was driving and someone cut her brake line and she was in an accident. Courtesy of the governor obviously because Gladden will have to testify.

But when Gladden gets on the stage, things don’t quite go as planned. She seems scared to talk about what happened even though she has immunity. But Tegan badgers her into confessing that it was Xavier Castillo that ordered the hit on Nate Sr. And now Nate knows that he murdered an innocent man. And of course, he is going to tell me, but that is sort of Nate’s fault too. He was the one who dug up the misinformation and took matters literally into his own hands. But they do win their lawsuit. The state is prepared to pay Nate 10 million dollars for his father’s murder. Then Bonnie sees it while laying in the hospital and she doesn’t take the news too well. But no one asked her to finish off Ron, she made that choice.

Back to the classroom, Annalise is still testing her students. And the 64k is still up for grabs. And much to everyone’s surprise Asher wins the money. And Annalise makes a phone call and starts going through step by step motions to disappear from her life. And it is about time. She should have done this a long time ago. Especially when dealing with that ungrateful bunch. But I feel that she is running from the governor, not possible jail time. But this show is so all over the place right now.