Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Alexander Calvert. Image from Paley Center Paleyfest 2018 Supernatural panel

The Paley Center for the Arts had the cast of Supernatural on to celebrate thirteen seasons, discuss the much-anticipated “Scoobynatural” episode coming March 29th, and to have a panel discussion what it’s like being on the same show for a quarter of their lives. Check out some highlights of things we learned!

    • Scoobynatural took about a year(!) to complete
    • There were tons of cameras on the three leads while recording audio, so expect some quality behind the scenes footage on the Blu-Ray/DVD.
    • There was an entire scene with Cas, Shaggy, and Scooby at a diner cut for time, look for that on the Blu-Ray/DVD also.
    • The alternate universe storyline is one writers Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner have had on their mind for a while and pitched it last season
    • They liked the idea of having the Alternate Universe be the monster, and putting Sam and Dean in a new world and keeping them off-balance.
    • The balance between original characters and their AU Doppelganger(Bobby, Kevin) isn’t hard to navigate, as long as you stay true to who they are, but add their different experiences, according to Executive Producer Bob Singer.
    • Showrunner Andrew Dabb jokes that they’re turning into Sliders, but though the AUs are fun, they’re not going to be a regular occurrence throughout the series, but they’ll be there if the story goes there.
    • Misha, Jensen, and Jared joke about Misha’s Empty!Cas accent and portrayal. Jared teases that he’s from and oil-rig in the Mid-Atlantic.
    • The Empty scene was one day of intense shooting, and a bit of a mess. Misha used the accents to switch characters easily while filming.
    • Alexander Calvert (Jack) jokes that his first day was “traumatizing” and Bob Singer, Jensen, and Jared all joke that Alex joining was good for Misha, so some of the (legendary) pranking falls to Alex now.
    • While filming Tombstone, the hazing got so ad that Alex became the second person (the first is Misha) to kick Jared and Jensen off their own set.
    • They auditioned a lot of people for Jack, but Alex had a way of looking like he was capable of great good and possible evil at the same time.
    • Alex talks about theory he’s seen about Cas and Jack’s mom, and Jared warns him not to go down that rabbit hole (fan theories).
    • When asked how Sam is doing, Jared assures us that Sam is okay, but his personality is such that he focuses more on his failures than successes.
    • Dean and Sam are in a good place with each other, both being supportive and bolstering during their more trying times.
    • Jensen says Dean is doing better now with his win (slaps hand on Misha’s knee) and that as they get  more wins, his confidence will return.
    • Bob Singer talks about working on set, and how well Jared and Jensen know their characters
    • Jared says the most takes he remembers doing is the diner scene during Mystery Spot.
    • Misha recalls working on My Bloody Valentine and being messed with so badly by Jared and Jensen
    • Famous locations the boys would like to work? Jared: “Winchester House and Stanley Hotel in CO.” Jensen: Maui. On a haunted boat.
    • When asked about how they prepare differs with different iterations of their characters, both say as long as they can find the boys in it, they’ll be fine no matter where/when they are.
    • They credit hard work and good material for the brotherly chemistry on the show, it helps that they care about each other in real life, too.
    • Jensen recalls [creator] Eric Kripke pulling them aside while filming Wendigo in season one and telling them that their relationship was crucial; the show lived and died with them, and how that has stuck with Jensen ever since.
    • They had to be grown ups, and once Misha joined the cast (season 4) they could be childish.
    • Misha talks about the many different versions of Cas he’s played: Crazy!Cas was tough, but as long as you can find a thread of who they are, you can pull from that.

Check out the full panel below!


Alexander Calvert, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins