Dre is all excited because, based on a certain walk he may have lost his virginity. Purely speculation on Dre’s part. But Bow puts a damper on that party and wants to give him the birds and the bees talk. All parents give their kids thst look when their not being quite truthful or doing something that may result in a WWF smackdown. I have found that repeating the same question to my kids when they know their lying works bests.

Now growing up in a house full of boys and their was definitely some gender bias going on in my family. Now Bow is making Dre realize that their kids being sexuality active boy or girl is not exactly cause to celebrate. He wants to par-tay because Jr done lost his virginity but is shocked and appalled because he found out Zoe is having sex. My family all day everyday. Let us take in the huge double standards in society and family life. Yes having 4 brothers and being the only girl is terrible lol. It’s a whole new world when it comes to being a girl. Dre is happy and celebrating with his coworkers at work, the male ones of course. Until…….

The same female coworker brings it home to him, we’ll after she got called a whore for being a sexually active female. He comes into the breakroom distraught and she advises him that while he praises his son and wants to kill the boy she had sex with, the boy’s father is doing the same celebrating that he’s eager to do with Jr. And he now realizes how biased he is towards his children. So then Dre tries to get strict with Jr and finds out that him and girlfriend have since broken up and so they order him to get back together with her. After having his parents past experiences projected onto him. Low and behold Megan was the user. She broke up with him because she wanted to go to college experienced. Jr was just trying to save face by telling them it was a mutual breakup.

Meanwhile, grandma Ruby is feeling a bit jealous over Nana who has won over the twins. Ruby ain’t having that. She tells the twins she is the only grandma they need. Well, the next time they go over there Ruby decides to have a talking too with Nana. Turns out Ruby and Nana go waaaaaay back. But Ruby is trying to get Nana to get out of character. She is not buying the sweet grandma act. So, when the kids break a window, Ruby blames Mason and so the twins are back to thinking she is the coolest ever. Nana then pays Ruby a visit to let her know it’s on.