Episode synopsis:

“When a superstar singer’s life is threatened, the team is thrust into the world of big-ticket stadium shows, crazed fans and divas, giving Lucifer a run for his money. Meanwhile, Charlotte tries to help Linda and Maze repair their friendship.” – Fox

This episode kicks off with a dancer at a show getting shot in the chest with a rocket launcher or something. Right now you’re probably thinking, “what the hell,” don’t worry I had the same thought too.

Photo Source: Flickering Myth/Lucifer/Fox

Pierce is blue but at least everyone in station thinks he has nice arms. Lucy and Linda are in therapy talking about the splitting of Lucy and Pierce to keep Decker safe and Linda compares it to herself, Maze and Amenadiel.

Decker and Lucifer are investigating the dead dancer. Apparently she was a back up dancer but her and the singer Azara switched spots. Azara was likely the intended target. It also was a firework not a rocket launcher.

Lucifer uses this case try and take Decker out of his metaphorically spotlight with God.

The first suspect is a cross-dressing Azara impersonator and former back-up dancer but he/she is in the clear but that doesn’t stop Lucy from having some fun.

Next suspect Benny Parker, an obsessed fan who won a contest to be at the very show were the murder took place and he has said some really creepy things on social media. Benny’s dead, a suicide which of course he did for Azara.

Benny’s not the killer, he was murdered before the show, meaning he wasn’t the killer and the killer is still out there.

Lucifer continues to give everyone but Decker attention.

Dan and Pierce hit the bar. It may not be possible to cheer Pierce up.

While Decker and Lucy are warning Azara of the threat still on her life, another attempt is made but thwarted by Decker.

To keep Decker out of the spotlight more Lucifer volunteers to be Azara’s bodyguard and to hid her at his home. Decker only agrees because no one else would expect it.

Chaos ensues with Lucifer and Azara when he insists on making her smoothie. Decker interrogates the manager, his gun was found at the crime scene and he just took out a huge insurance policy on Azara. As of right now he is under arrest.

Charlotte is helping Linda by holding a mediation session for her and Maze. It doesn’t go well.

Eventually Azara ends up helping Lucifer with his problems until she disappears.

Hmm, in his stomach Benny had all the makings for a smoothie. Could Azara be the killer?

Dan brings in Amenadiel to help out with Pierce, not knowing that they already know each other. And it kind of works.

Azara disappeared to go perform in Lux.

It was the assistant. She’s just been trying to protect Azara this whole time, except she’s crazy. Lucy takes a knife to the chest from the assistant protecting Decker.

Pierce may have mistook Amenadiel’s advice. Amenadiel told him he needed to find a Decker like Lucifer instead he is just going for Decker. Lucifer is devastated

Photo Source: Flickering Myth/Lucifer/Fox


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