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Futurama Edition

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“We’re making beer. I’m the brewery!” – Bender B. Rodriguez

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! The American based sci-fi series, Futurama, began it’s run in 1999. Following the life of your average 20th century Pizza delivery boy, Fry, who manages to freeze himself only to be awoken 1000 years later in 2999. The show followes he and his rag tag gang of mad scientists, aliens, mutants, robots & more. Sadly the show only made it to 2003 before getting sent to the chopping block.

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Thankfully, from 2007 – 2009  we got to return to the future in a 4 part, ‘straight to DVD’ series of movies. With the help of Comedy Central the movies were broken up to create 16 episodes to air on said channel.

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Here we thought that was going to be the end of our beloved adventures through time and space, but thankfully, Comedy Central proved us wrong once again. They renewed the show for 26 more episodes, finally concluding the series in 2013.

Creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen hope to eventually get the show picked up by another network but until that time we shall have to make due with the wonderful creations that come from the fans, who took the future and made it their own.

  1. Futurama by Bullsik

Futurama by bullsik

2. Futurama by jjar01

Futurama by JjAR01

3. Futurama : 15th by Seikuya

Futurama : 15th by seikuya

4. Screencap redraw : Futurama by MaryAQuiteContrary 

(For those wondering, a screen cap redraw is where an artist takes a screenshot from a show, movie, or game and redraws it in their own style. For this drawing, the artist redrew this screenshot from the show)

5. Futurama by Forte-girl7Futurama by forte-girl7

6. FUTURAMA by TeoGonzalezColors (Coloring) & Mike S. Miller (Inks)

FUTURAMA by TeoGonzalezColors

7. Futurama : Outta Space by MissNeens

Futurama: Outta Space by MissNeens

8.  Futurama Eggs by Red-Flare

9. Lurr – Futurama Plush by Elbooga

Lrrr - Futurama Plushie by elbooga

10. Futurama Ensemble by JeffyP

Futurama Ensemble by JeffyP

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