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After a five year hiatus, Jane The Virgin has finally returned. Okay obviously not five years but it’s felt like a really long time! In “Chapter 52”, instead of hitting the ground running with some total craziness, we had a pretty drama-free episode…aside from a bit of a bombshell at the end.

Don’t bee a meddler, Jane…

Jane didn’t carry her own story this week; she was a part of everyone else’s though. Jane the Virgin is one of the only shows that effectively has their main character intersect in other plot lines without carrying one of their own. I think that the reason this works so well for JTV is because Jane has such a “problem” getting involved in other people’s business. What business was she involved with this week? I’m happy you asked…

Xo and Bruce

Xiomara has chosen, much to Jane’s dismay, to rekindle her romance with former lover, Bruce (whom she had an affair with in the past). Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Jane, because she knows the damage he can cause. Beaches can only cure a heartbreak so many times (the new Beaches can’t cure it at all). But Xo does not want Jane butting in, so Jane spends the entire episode trying to get to know and accept Bruce. As usual, though, Jane’s meddling is needed in the end when Bruce’s daughter Tess is feeling the same way she felt about Xiomara.


Source: Jane The Virgin // CW Network

I gotta be honest, I’m really surprised that Xo and Bruce are still dating and Rogelio is still planning to have a baby with Darcy. I don’t know why but I always expected that Xo and Rogelio would have the constant relationship on this show.  But it seems that now these two are even more distant than Rafael and Jane were at their worst…okay, maybe not that bad.

Speaking of Rafael, we learned from Michael that Rafael is not Emilio’s biological son. This is disconcerting for a number of reasons. One of these reasons speaks to the inadequacy that Rafael always felt coming from his father, which has really shaped him as a person in good ways and in bad ways. The other reason is that his father altered his will to leave all of his money to his biological children. This means that he probably assumed Rafael was not his real son. Rafael’s lawyer told him this would probably not be a big deal as long as no one else knows. …But someone else does know…more specifically, the one person we know wants to hurt Rafael the most…Petra. What will she do with this newfound information? Will she blackmail Rafael or worse?

So, Michael quit his job because he couldn’t bear to be a desk guy, understandably, but that now means that he is unemployed and unaware of what he wants to do.  Maybe a car salesman?  No, definitely a comedian! This lead us to a slew of terrible impressions and terrible jokes…I know they were supposed to be bad, but jeez louise, that was painful to watch. It turns out Michael is the one person who really does want to Jane to meddle in his business. At the end of the episode he decides who might want to be a lawyer.

And now onto the dark horse of the past few episodes…Catalina. We still have no idea what she  is really up to, but we’ve just learned that she’s married to some old guy that’s in line for some throne. Supposedly they are getting a divorce even though it doesn’t really look like it. I have a feeling that Catalina is lying, and we know Jane has that same feeling. So now Jane is caught between Catalina and Rafael. Rafael wants the truth from Jane and Catalina is annoyed that she keeps getting in their business. I have a feeling that Catalina and her old man want to extort Rafael, but what will happen when they find out Rafael is actually broke?

I’m warning you now, guys, this is the calm before the storm. Something BIG is happening soon. I’m not sure EXACTLY what, but I keep a look out for theories and spoilers and I’m pretty sure we’re all about to be hit. So don’t get too comfortable, Jane fans.