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Oliver makes a drastic move in his quest to find Diaz; when arsonists target Rene’s community center, the mysterious new Green Arrow swoops in to help save the day; Dinah must decide whether following the rules is the best plan to keep the city safe. – the CW

Last week’s episode was very much Oliver-centric, this one was not. I still actually really enjoyed this episode. This was Rene centered episode for the most part — which is cool, I quite like him.

Rene’s story kicks off with him hosting a public forum with Dinah. It’s important to note that Zoey is there hanging out too. With the discussion on the way we learn that the people of the Glades are missing the vigilantes and are down on the police. At the same time two criminal types are planting charges in the building. The building soon goes up in flames — everyone but Zoey escapes. Luckily the Green Arrow is there and saves her.

It is confirmed that Diaz is not behind the fires and this isn’t the first fire set like this in the Glades. Looks like Star City has an arsonist on their hands.  Dinah wants to bring in the arsonists and the Green Arrow. Rene wants to take matters into his own hands. You mess with Zoey, you mess with Rene. Obviously, Dinah wants him to stay out of it – the city is already down on cops – they need them to believe in them again, not vigilantes.

Another fire breaks out in the Glades. Rene looking for revenge heads to the crime scene — but he is too late and only finds the Green Arrow.  Unfortunately for the two of them Dinah shows up and attempts to bring in the Arrow. Rene interferes and he gets away but not before he gives Rene a piece of information — the name of the arsonists. Dinah takes in Rene for interfering.

Rene uses his one phone call to call Diggle. Dig is on Rene and the new Green Arrow’s side. The info the Arrow gave Rene checked out and now Dig is passing it on. Dinah will let Rene out if he works with her by the book.  Marcus Fish, a dirty real estate guy has been buying all the burnt properties and he has just paid one of the arsonists. The next target is the old movie theater. Together the Green Arrow, Dinah and Rene take down the arsonists. The Green Arrow uses some crazy acrobatics to get the sprinklers to work and in doing so gains Dinah’s respect. She lets him flee the scene. Later on, Dinah makes a visit to Rene’s and gives Zoey a canary pin — I feel like that’s going to tie in to the future flashes.

Oliver is locked in solitary on Level 2. A psychiatrist tells him he is a danger to everyone else and that is why he is in solitary. Ollie tells him he is looking for the Demon and that makes him sound crazier.

Another day another meeting with the psychiatrist. He keeps asking Ollie his name and he isn’t playing.  He injects Ollie with truth serum or something.  Ollie gives him his origin story starting with Robert Queen killing himself to save Oliver and send him on his mission. We learnt that not only did Robert kill himself but he also killed his bodyguard.

Another day still in solitary — more serum. The psychiatrist basically calls Ollie a shit dad for being the Green Arrow.  His father’s promise tainted him and everyone around him Ollie tells him to go to hell. Nothing works on Ollie next up the machine?

The machine is some crazy lobotomy machine that targets fear in the brain. The machine takes him back to the raft —putting Ollie in Robert’s shoes and William in Ollie’s. The point of it was to show Ollie he needs to end his father’s cycle for William.

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The episode closes with him being asked once more to state his name. He replies my name is Inmate 4587. Oliver has been broken.

On the other side of Star City (probably,) Felicity is being annoying. Felicity is interrogating the silencer – no food, heats on high – not working.  Felicity wants to move to torture. Rene won’t do it for her, so she is looking for someone else to help.

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Felicity is looking for Laurel’s help with the Silencer.  Laurel’s in if it gets her to Diaz.

It’s torture time. Laurel does not get anything out of her.  Felicity has no more patience and is looking to take desperate measures. Laurel talks her out of it and tells her to use her brain instead.  After all that the Silencer escapes but it was all part of Felicity’s plan. A tracker was planted on her before she escaped.

Last but not least let’s check in with William in the future. Roy and William are back in Star City. Once they arrive new coordinates pop up on the arrow head leading them to Smoak technology which looks abandoned in disarray. Police show up while the pair is searching the building. Future Dinah beats up the cops and tells Roy he shouldn’t have come back. Apparently, police kill vigilantes now, past and present meaning Roy was in danger.

Dinah gives a little backstory. The glades rose and Star City fell.  Cops are now hired guns.  Luckily William grabbed a Rubik’s cube which turned out to be a puzzle with a map of the Glades — interesting. And I called it because none other than future Zoey strolls in.  Dinah asks about the coordinates and such. William and Roy tell her Felicity is sending them the coordinates but that’s impossible because she is dead.

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