Pirates of Leviathan Episode 4 Ending

Our Buccaneer Buddies found themselves amid a deep web of insurance fraud. Upon accidentally summoning Alistair Ash, they uncovered many of Langley Sheffield-Harrington’s schemes to sink Leviathan for cash. They had also learned that Cheese’s brother, and many of his clan’s young children, were being used as a conduit for magic in the Nightmare King’s Forest. At this point, our heroes, Cheese, Bob, Myrtle, Marcid, Sunny, and Jack, hatched a plan to destroy the lamp in the Ramble, save the soul of the Tiefling inside, and ensure that Jamina Joy doesn’t sacrifice herself to save the town.

pirates of leviathan
Source: Dimension 20

Pirates of Leviathan Episode 5 Recap

As the team began heading off to the Ramble, a fierce storm overtook Leviathan, and suddenly, the rumbling of large footsteps boomed in their ears. Jamina Joy bounded over to the crew and Marcid told her everything. She sent forces to dispatch the other lamps; however, her large frame was too heavy to secure the Ramble. After this interaction, Sunny and Bob took flight to reach the Ramble while Cheese, Jack, Marcid, and Myrtle took the town’s gondola.

Team two-leggers met Edith, the public transportation attendant. They also cross-referenced all of the insurance paperwork with prior knowledge. This portion of the team realized that the payouts would have to happen soon; KVX Bank won’t recoup the loss. Myrtle found out that the druids were in on this plan to help their god. The druids want to deliver the Daughter of Storms back to her vengeful father.

Once the team reconverged at the Ramble, an epic battle ensued. Marcid stealthily entered the property, met up with Cathilda the Black, and started heading towards the attic, searching for the lamp. Sunny saw her mentor, Tulwar Zuhari-Royce, on the ground. In a fit of rage, Sunny commanded Clive McDoon to walk the plank. This allowed Myrtle and Jack to send Clive over the end of the building to his death. Sunny and Bob began fighting against pirates inside while Myrtle and Cheese climbed to the roof.

The pair found the druids, and Langley gathered around a ritual to bring forth the storm god. Alamaria hit Myrtle and Cheese with a powerful lightning spell bringing Cheese unconscious. After this terrifying act, Myrtle saved Cheese from plummeting to his death, and Langley sauntered off to the attic. Jack made his way to the roof to protect Myrtle while she healed Cheese. This chaotic battle is leading us to the season finale of Pirates of Leviathan.