What’s up guys! For this edition of Overwatch Tips we are going to be teaching you a little bit about the big man him self, Roadhog. He’s been a problem child for enemy teams since release but got dumbed down a bit once his damage nerf came in. But since then we’ve got a couple of tweaks thankfully that’s made it very fun and skill oriented to play Roadhog. He can STILL bring the heat. And without further a do let us dive in!


Roadhog’s kit is debatably the best in the game and makes him very independent from his teammates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a good teammate yourself. Roadhog’s hook is able to actually stop some ultimates from the enemy team. Heroes like Reaper, Pharah, and McCree will have their ultimate eliminates if while they use it, Roadhog hooks them. So try to keep your hook in your pocket if you suspect an ultimate to happen.

Making things awkward

Roadhog a lot of the time succeeds in being the instigator. While the enemy team is planning to push or stop a push, you can ruin their plans by hooking say a support or a DPS that is poking too much and force them into an uncomfortable situation inside enemy lines. Easy pick off for you are your teammates and creates absolute calamity on the other side.

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Take a breather

The “Take a breather” ability is one of the fastest healing methods in the game next to just using a nearby health pack. Not only will it recover 300 of your health, but it will also take those huge amounts of damage for you! If you get a D.VA ultimate plopped right next to you and you have no way out, you can take a breather and that damage will be reduced greatly to the point where it won’t kill you! And ultimates like Pharah’s or Soldier’s will take much longer to kill Roadhog and will give you a better chance of escape.


Roadhog’s bulkiness and lack of range does come at a price. Reaper can demolish most Roadhogs down to half health within seconds if you let him get the jump on you. You could take down Pharah if you practice your hooks and lead your shots but a smart Pharah will keep her distance and lead her own rockets to you. And Orisa can completely stop your hook with her fortify ability. And lastly, watch out for Ana’s biotic grenade. Just when you thought you could be cocky and have that take a breather to fall back on, boom she hits you with a biotic grenade and you can’t get heals!

I really love playing Roadhog and I’m glad he’s able to stay relevent in the meta. Sure his kit is built a little selfishly especially for being a tank, but when you’re pulling off sick nasty hooks and grabbing top 3 elims every game, I don’t think your team will mind. See you next time!