Some would say the end of the world would be boring, you shouldn’t take pills, or drink the water. Also pictured Luna, not caring about the throne. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

The hunt for Luna to become the commander kicked it up big time on the oil rig. Luna likes being on the oil rig, and has no desire to go and be the commander. Clarke comes up with the idea that she will just put the chip in Luna without her knowing. That didn’t work in the slightest and Luna is a certified bad ass. She very easily diffuses Clarke, and steals the tech and says she will get it back when Clarke and company leave. She asked what Titus and others said about her. When Clarke tells her that they believe she ran away, she tells them that was not the case. She left because she knows she was going to win the entire thing. After round one when she killed her brother she left, which was a good thing as she was matched up with Lexa in round 2.

Clarke and company have no chance to get Luna to come back, and they are about to ship them back to the main land when someone that was chipped sees the tech that Clarke had and attacks. Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy are locked in the container. One of the guards is shot with an arrow, Luna is brought in a room to be tortured along with Eric. Luna has a towel put over her head  and water poured over her head over and over in an attempt to get her to take the chip from Ally. She keeps refusing, and Eric can’t stand seeing her like that so he volunteers to take a chip thinking it would stop. It doesn’t, after taking the chip he goes to Luna and starts to torture her. Luna gets a moment to get free and takes out the other goons from Ally, she gives Eric a chance to be himself but can’t and she kills him as well and breaks down into tears. While this is happening the person who got shot freed Clarke and gang from the shipping container and they get to Luna after all the damage is done. Later the oil rig crew has a ceremony for the lives lost, and gives Clarke and crew the pass out juice and they wake up back on shore, with the AI of the commander, no way to get back to Luna and no real plan.

On the other side of the battle, Pike and a few others escaped the jail cell and stayed to fight to destroy the mobile unit, Ally sent out a diversion and it was worked long enough that they weren’t able to destroy everything in time, but they were able to escape.

The most productive battle against Ally this week was for sure by Raven. Raven is currently the most important person in the fight against Ally. Raven was working like crazy on the computer system in Arcadia trying to hack into the system, Raven felt she could make a move and didn’t want to wait for others and was able to use the admin password to hack into the main frame. Theolonias tells Ally that she should disconnect from Arcadia if someone is attacking her systems from within but she doesn’t want to as it would make the mobile unit her only power source.

Raven is knocking down doors in the program and getting closer to the kill switch, for some reasons I can’t understand though, Theolonias was able to wake up Monty when they found out the hacker is coming from Arcadia and he would be able to block the system. When he woke up from his nap, Raven was saying that someone was blocking her, that’s when Monty hears his mothers voice through the computer. Monty and Raven are stunned at what is going on, Raven tells Monty that it is a diversion, she is stalling for time, and she will only hear him if he types. He talks to her a little bit, and then asks Raven how can they delete her so she won’t be around anymore, Raven types in the code to erase his mothers existence in that world and it’s up to him to hit enter. He decides to do it, and then Raven runs through the other blocks to the kill switch and is about to hit the switch when Ally disconnects herself to prevent that from happening. Which in turn made her operate solely from the mobile unit. That’s when she was uploading things where Pike’s battle was happening. Like I mentioned that team was to late, and she was able to load her systems to a escape pod and is now stationed in an arc in space!

They have lost a good chance to end Ally once and for all, and have no real plan for a commander for the land. Things are looking bad once again.