Image Source: Anita Blake Marvel

At the end of The Killing Dance, Anita found she could not deal with the reality of how her fiancé, Richard eats while in wolf form. She found it was hard to find Richard when he was fully transformed and ran into the arms of Jean-Claude effectively ending their engagement. In Blue Moon, Richard travels to Myerton, Tennessee to study for his degree and to audition women for the lupa (pack leader’s girlfriend) position as that position still rests on Anita’s shoulders.

There was a slight hiccup. Richard was arrested for allegedly raping a local. Anyone who knows Richard knows he is incapable of that. It is not that he can’t do it physically, he’s a werewolf, so he can do that no problem. He doesn’t possess the mentality to do it. Partly because it isn’t who he is as he is described as the world’s biggest boy scout by Anita and partly because of his history with Raina and Marcus the former lupa and leader. When he is arrested he calls Anita to help out. Well his brother Daniel did. Richard is refusing any help believing that justice will prevail. Of course Anita answers the call and goes to him even if it means a turf war. When Anita goes to Myerton, she causes Colin, Master of the City in Myerton, to fear that she means to usurp him as Master and replace him with Asher. She brought Asher with her at Jean-Claude’s behest.

Since taking the third mark of being a human servant (there are four and each one ups the triumvirate level of power) Anita has found that she is having a harder time controlling her powers as a necromancer. Plus she is at her wits end trying to deal with the wereleopard pard she inherited. In Myerton she meets Marianne, a powerful psychic and Wiccan who is the Myerton pard’s vargamor (a human wise woman who stays neutral in conflict) that gives Anita some advice on both accounts.

Anita gets a call that makes her blood boil and chills her to the bone. Richard’s mother Charlotte and brother Daniel have been kidnapped. The bad guys have gone too far at this point. Will Anita find Charlotte and Daniel before harm can come to them? Can she clear Richard’s name? Will war break out between Jean-Claude and Colin? Read and find out. Let me know what you think in the comments below.