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Never one to just wait patiently for a show to come back – every time Mindy Kaling has posted a set picture, I’ve tried to figure out what could be happening. Now that Messina is back on set and we got the first shots of Danny and Mindy in the same space, I’ve become more curious than I ever thought possible! To scratch my own itch, here are four things that could be happening in this elevator.

  1. Something unpleasant. I don’t want to think about it too much but she could be thinking about the play-date she organized for Leo with that kid who has a hot single dad or plotting to destroy someone who called her sir on the subway or ignoring Danny and this picture is her in the process of an eye roll. Perhaps Danny is being a big season 1 jerk since she’s moved out and he said something lame about her outfit. This paragraph is making me sick lets move on to the happier possibilities!
  2. The night before, Danny goes over to Mindy’s place to help build a baby thing for Leo, they reminisce about the bunk bed, and end up having sex all over her apartment. Before you think you’re going crazy from deja vu, yes I’ve used this theory before, this next part is new though. The next morning, they go to work together and in the elevator, Mindy suggests keeping what happened on the down-low because she wants to get back at him for the time he did that to her and also she wants to be sure it’s real.
  3.  Ever since Mindy moved out, Danny has been going to the hospital to watch her surgeries/deliveries. He doesn’t think she sees him in the gallery but she’s noticed him every time and has been super touched by this show of growth and sweetness on his part. Things have been sort of awkward with them though when they’re alone together so she’s keeping cool in the elevator and thinking about her man re-catching plan for that night. See, she doesn’t actually have a procedure, but Danny thinks she does. When he gets to the OR gallery, he’ll see Mindy (dressed in a super intricate lingerie set that is driving her insane under her outfit) on a picnic blanket with candles everywhere, she will then motion for him to come down and they will reconnect over low calorie mocktails and chocolate covered strawberries.
  4. Sex! Don’t look at me like that, they’ve done it in public plenty of times before, in the subway, under the Lion King marquis, in the park, at the Wax Museum, in an alley behind a restaurant where the chef didn’t even flinch when he saw them, in Danny’s car on the turnpike and probably many more places we can’t even imagine. This is Hulu after all, Tommy Dewey’s butt is all over Casual. Finally we’ve learned from Grey’s Anatomy that elevators are full of sexual tension at all times. Also Mindy’s face is the same one she was making after he says “newsflash you’re staying at my place tonight” in season 2. Hence this is totally what’s happening and all those other theories were useless.


    Source: Reddit

    What I’m ultimately saying is, the answer to “what is going down in this elevator?” is drumroll “Danny!”

teeheeheehee thank you for your time, this elaborate dirty joke is now complete – check back in with us for more The Mindy Project coverage and share your theories with me!