We’ve all binge-watched television series on Netflix but what if one could beam into the show of their choosing? Well, in Landflix Odyssey our dreams have come true!

In this 2D platformer Larry, the unsung hero, has been sucked into popular programs including: Peculiar Stuff, Elder Thrones, Blindevil, Going Mad, The Standing Zombie and Doc’s Trinkets. Per the Landflix Odyssey demo page this occurs because The CEO, the ultimate bad guy, has found a way to “decrease the cerebral capacity” of viewers and take over the world.


Source: Screenshot of Landflix Odyssey

As Larry is being sucked in, six nuclear remote batteries are sucked into the programs and he must use his skills to retrieve them and save the world. On his quest he encounters countless enemies such as green slimes, piranha plants, and soldiers. He must jump on the heads of his enemies or stun them with his beer belches. It appears that Larry is the typical American binge-watcher.


Source: Kickstarter

When I first downloaded the demo, I found myself drawn to the pixelated graphics, as usual, but also found the level titles humorous. As I began playing, I noticed the controls weren’t matching up to the instructions laid out for me but was quickly able to determine my objective. The music helped relax my mind as I jumped, ran, and burped my way through the labyrinth of Peculiar Stuff.

I loved how Larry is a character that can relate to many young people. He dons a plaid shirt, mullet that waves in the breeze, and a happy jiggly beer belly. This made him one of the most relatable characters I’ve encountered thus far. He warms my heart in ways even beloved characters have not.


Source: Kickstarter

Landflix Odyssey is the next big 2D platformer on the indie circuit. I look forward to helping Larry achieve his goal of stopping The CEO and allowing the masses to deteriorate their brains on their own terms.

Landflix Odyssey media can be found on Kickstarter as well as their demo page.