Following the aftermath of update 7.3, Legion has considerably stepped up the brooding, atmospheric roleplaying taking place in World of Warcraft right now. Not only are they expanding the plot a la mode, the Burning Crusade, but for the first time the citizens of Azeroth get to step foot on infamous Planet Argus.

Argus looming over Dalaran.

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Add to this the illidari players, and you have a cornucopia of role playing lore. In honor of this goldmine of plot and setting, TGON wants to prepare you with some RP must-haves. 


If you download one addon this year, make it UCM. It resolves one of the most frustrating parts about roleplaying in-game: the 250 character limit in chat. This addon allows you to type as much as you want (think monologues and inner dialogues) and then breaks up your message into multiple 250-character posts. If you’re one of those para (short for paragraph, or long posts) writers, be sure to download UCM.


Wonderful Wardrobe: MogIt

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MogIt is THE addon for transmogrification (a relatively recent feature that allows players to alter the appearance of their character’s armor and weapons). With over 8 million downloads, you can be sure it’s popular for a reason. MogIt does what we all wish the game would: easy access to transmog sets that you can browse, share, and add to wishlists. The real spotlight of the addon are the filters, which really lets you pinpoint the perfect transmog for every roleplay occasion.

TotalRoleplay 3

TotalRoleplay 3 Profile

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TRP3 is probably the most used addon by roleplayers. It does so much, pinning down one description is a difficult task. TRP3 lets you customize everything about your character and their companions. It’s also a modular addon, which allows its users to decide which features to interact with and which to disable from the interface. Profile directories, NPC speeches, map interaction, Mary Sue protocol, toolbar customization, and much more are just a few reasons why this is the most downloaded profile addon by roleplayers.

WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)

WoW Instant Messenger

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WIM is one of those addons that make you think, “Why haven’t I been using this all along?” If you’re the type of roleplayer (or player in general) that interact with others in whispers, you need WIM. It cleans up your chat using an AIM-type interface to organize all those PSTs from people. Instead of multiple tabs in the chat box, it whisks them all away until the person replies. What’s more: it saves conversations, which is especially handy if you disconnect randomly from your roleplay. Another customizable addon, users can change almost everything about the appearance of their WIM.


Tongues Addon

Source: Blizzard Watch

This addon is every roleplayer’s dream. Tongues allows you to customize what language your character speaks, as well as whole can understand them. It also has auto-learn, so that the more your human hears Darnassian, the more he will be able to translate and also speak Darnassian. You can also customize your toon’s dialect, if you wish. Hang around worgens using this addon, and you’ll see its appeal.

These are just five of the hundreds of addons available for World of Warcraft; which is your favorite?