Let’s get one thing straight.


Chic Cooper is creepy, yes. Unstable? Certainly. A murderer? Also true. But the real Black Hood killer? Unlikely.


Hart Denton as The Black Hood Chic Cooper — Picture Source: The CW/Netflix

Though it’s a popular fan theory that Chic’s the man behind the mask, this is leaving out one important detail: his age. Given the timeline of the series and relative age of the characters, Chic is most likely in his early to mid-20’s. Archie, one of the only survivors to get a clear look at the Black Hood, places him at late 30’s to 40’s.

And let’s not forget the fact that Chic does not look like what we can see of the man behind the mask, and doesn’t even his notable green eyes. Furthermore, the modus operandi do not line up. Chic Cooper killed a drug dealer that was allegedly getting physical – possibly in self-defence. The Black Hood deliberately targeted sinners, true, but this implies a moral righteousness. The dealer that Chic killed was selling drugs to him – and Chic’s not exactly an angel either. The Black Hood, targeting sinners, would be more likely to go after Chic than be him.

And why/how would Chic know about these potential sinners to go after? Chic lived in Centerville two towns over, and would have no business hunting down Riverdalians — especially ones whose sins were secret, like Mrs. Grundy. Centerville is a shady place, and Chic clearly knows his fair share of deviants. Who go after random citizens of Riverdale?

And let’s not forget the obviousness of it all if it were the case. Chic is a creep, so he has to be the killer… right? Not only is it highly unlikely that this young adult is the middle-aged killer simply due to the fact that he’s unsettling, this is a man that breaks down at the sight of blood or conflict – not exactly traits the Black Hood has been known for exhibiting. They pulled the same ‘he’s creepy so he must be guilty’ trick with Svenson, and nobody bought that he was the real killer.

While I can see how this fan theory found its ground, it’s time to unfortunately face the facts: Chic is not a likely candidate for the Black Hood.

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