This post is spoiler free for ALL “Lethal Weapon” seasons!

We still have two more weeks before “Lethal Weapon” comes back into our lives on February 27th. We might as well use that time to learn a little more about our favorite dysfunctional duo! Let’s start with what else we’ve seen them in and if they’ve been doing any other projects during “Lethal Weapon!”

Martin Riggs/Clayne Crawford 

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TV Shows: This 39-year-old American actor has spent a lot of time on TV shows, most of it wearing a badge or running from those who carried them! These shows have included “NCIS: New Orleans,” “Graceland,” “Justified,” “Leverage,” “CSI: New York,” “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” “Burn Notice,” and “Criminal Minds.” When he isn’t dealing with the law, Clayne Crawford plays characters behind bars. He did this in “The Glades” as Ray Cargill and as Kevin Wade in “24.” Crawford was also in “Rectify” as the son of one of the main characters. He was the creepy pain-in-the-ass Mitchell Cafferty in the post-apocalyptic series “Jericho.”

Movies: Crawford was Sgt Toll in the sci-fi Netflix special, “Spectral.” In 2015, he played a detective trapped in a hospital between heaven and hell for the movie “Convergence.” In 2017, he was in the suspense-romance film “The Weight.” For 2018, Crawford will be in “Canal Street,” a film revolving around being wrongfully accused of a classmates death.

His First Project: If you want to see where Clayne Crawford got his start, you’ll have to go all the way back to a 1997 episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” called “Inca Mummy Girl.”

Roger Murtaugh/Damon Wayans 

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This 57-year-old New Yorker has spent as much time writing TV shows and movies as he has acting in them! This has included TV shows “Rodney,” “The Underground,” and “413 Hope St.”

TV Shows: Many of the titles he helped write, Wayans also starred in! These were “The Underground” and also “Damon” where he gets to play another detective surrounded by wacky police officers. There was “In Living Color,” which was a comedy that revolved around Damon and his actual family. In “My Wife and Kids,” Wayans played Michael Kyle who longed for a traditional life, but his family was too wild for that to be possible. (A bit Roger Murtaugh sounding to me!) Finally, he had a nice, long stint on “Saturday Night Live.”

Movies: Wayans was in a workplace comedy of what happens behind-the-scenes of a sports radio show called “Herd Mentality.” (His co-star is Eliza Dushku/Faith from “Buffy!”) In the “Farce of the Penguins,” Wayans is listed as the “Hey, that’s my ass-penguin.” In the 2003 movie “Marci,” Wayans plays the hip-hop rapper Dr. S. (His co-star is Phoebe from “Friends!”) He played a helpful homeless man in the feel-good movie “Harlem Aria.” In “Bulletproof” Wayans’ character has to work together with a partner he doesn’t like (where have we heard that before?) played by Adam Sandler. In “Major Payne,” Wayans spends a lot of the movie yelling at his poor cadets. Finally, Damon Wayans had a cameo in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie “Last Action Hero.”

His First Project: His very first role was in the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” in 1984 as the Banana Man!

Next Week’s Plan? Tune back in next time folks and we’ll go over some of the ways the TV show differs from the movies!

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Photo property of iMDB.