Now that the cause of Jack’s death has been revealed, we get to see the after math. Rebecca and the kids load into the station wagon on the way to Jack’s funeral. As they are driving we see flashbacks to the day they bought the car and the different memories they made in the car.

One flashback involved Jack and Rebecca driving off from the hospital after Rebecca had an MRI done due to chronic dizziness. She was nervous about the results so Jack told her he wanted to take her somewhere special while they waited for the call from the hospital. He takes her to the same park where Kevin went on the 20th anniversary of Jack’s death. Jack took Rebecca to what he called his favorite tree. He told her that she was going to be ok. While they were talking they got a page from the hospital and Rebecca quickly called them on a payphone that was nearby. She found out that it wasn’t a tumor and she was obviously relieved. She asked Jack why that tree was his favorite and he said because it was closest to a payphone. Jack then tells Rebecca that she will out live him. Rebecca doesn’t want to talk about it but Jack asks that she make sure he isn’t buried in the ground, he wants to be outside.

Another memory of the car is Randall learning to drive. Kevin and Randall start arguing causing Randall to almost wreck. Jack tells them to get out of the car and makes them walk home. When they get home he explains to them how they need to decide whether they want to repair their relationship or not. He told them that when he was their age he and his brother were inseparable. He reminds them that he and Rebecca would not be there for ever and that all they would have would be each other and Kate. Jack mentioned that one reason they might not be close is that they haven’t been through anything difficult enough to force them to need each other.

Jack drives by Kate sitting at a bus stop during the day which means she is skipping school. He pulls over and she explains that Alanis Morissette is signing records. He tells her to get into the car and instead of taking her back to school he takes her to the record shop. When Kate tells him that she’s been writing songs, he tells her that she should pursue music and that he believes in her. During the drive they discuss the different kinds of music they like and Jack mentions that he loves Bruce Springsteen. As Jack drops Kate off, she tells him that she liked Bruce Springsteen too and he told her that maybe they could see him in concert some time.

After Jack’s death Kate asks Rebecca why died and Rebecca explains that he went into cardiac arrest due to smoke inhalation. Kate says that it was her fault because  he went back into the house to get the dog.

The day of the funeral tensions rise between Kevin and Randall. At first, Kevin is angry because Rebecca gave Randall Jack’s watch. Then he lashes out at Randall, accusing him for acting like he’s the man of the house now. Kevin even goes as far as to tell Randall that he would have never let Jack go back in the house. I’m sure Kevin was feeling a lot of guilt for not being at home that night and that he never apologized to his dad.

After the memorial service, Dr. Nathan Katowski, the doctor that delivered the triplets, visits Rebecca ensures her at the funeral. Rebecca was surprised to learn that Jack used to visit Dr. Katowski at his office when the triplets were babies to ask for advice. She tells Dr. Katowski that she doesn’t think she can go on without Jack because he was fearless. He tells her that when Jack spoke to him in his office he saw the side of him that was afraid. Jack was always concerned about his family and wanted them to be ok. Dr. Katowski assures Rebecca that she can move forward.

Rebecca drives the kids to Jack’s favorite tree and they spread some of his ashes there. Rebecca tells Randall and Kevin that neither of them have to be the man of the house. She just wants them to be normal teens. She also told Kate that she would spend the rest of her life trying to convince her that it was not Kate’s fault that Jack went back into the house. Rebecca told her that he was a grown man and made his own decision. Of course we know that unfortunately Kate does still blame herself, 20 years later.

This Is Us will return on February 27th on NBC.